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Breastfeeding of a cicken chicken at a private school in Asheville, North Carolina has been the news all over the world. With 36 registered cases, the largest number recorded since the United States began to offer a vaccine against the disease.

It may not be aware of the case, which appears with the local channel Kare11, if it is not for any information: this is one of the American schools where parents do not; giving their children a vaccine less. Although it is essential in the United States, some say (such as North Carolina) to allow those who are responsible for refusing to & # 39; protect their children.

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North Carolina Health and Human Services Department outlined the extent to which children were introduced for religious salvage, which allowed them to release a vaccine. The school questioned was among the top three in which parents are refusing to immunize.

Out of the 28 students enrolled in 2017, 19 had a freedom for at least one of the species that the state needed to enter the school. Overall, 110 out of 152 students were immunized.

During the same academic year, Buncombe County, where the city is located, is state-of-the-art management in religious freedom rates for 5.7 per cent higher students. "It is what people need to understand that when there are pockets of unwanted people, they are reservoirs for diseases," Susan Sullivan, a DHHS nurse of the state that will, Talk to local health departments about avoiding vaccines and diseases.

Although cake food is seen as an illegal disease that is part of youth; Most people, it can be particularly dangerous in people with security system problems. "It's not just about himself," said Sullivan. "It's about the people with whom you work together: pregnant women, people with AIDS, people who complete chemo. They are also part of our community and we need what we are able to protect everyone. "

In Brazil, from 2013 the Integrated Health System offers a vaccine against its & # 39; chicken in one dose with a vaccine against her tow, her & her; Promenade and Rubella, known as tetra viral, aged 12 to 15 months. Between 2012 and 2017, 602,136 oats were reported in Brazil. The southern section accounted for 199,057 (33%) of the cases, and the south east division by 189,249 (31.4%), and the Northern Division said only 40.

As it has been removed, it is more common during winter, when people tend to stay longer.

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