Paris Stock Exchange: Donald Trump rejoices again


I'm flat, I'm calm, I'm threatening. Donald Trump's negotiation activities are always. So there was no reason to change the G20 conference approach that entertains him, at the end of the week, an important meeting with the Chinese company Xi Jinping on the trading relationships between the two powers. In the Wall Street Journal columns, the US President said it was difficult about the results of the talks with Beijing. So it's ready to implement the arsenal of all the practicesst the next January. To make matters worse, he put a new bulb in the Apple ecosystem saying that iPhones brought out in China could be up to 10%. Increase prices that are "it was easy for people to continue"He also added General Motors and his thousands of job cuts, and he continued the" Theresa May "board to criticize the Brexit contract that has been resolved." Returning the short attacks with a tricky pass for Donald Trump, whose support rate has dropped to 38% in the United States.

The good news is that the financial markets have responded quietly to the accounts of an American leader, in particular because of the fact that the opposition is to be circulated at the opening. The CAC40 will break 0.06% 4,998 minutes after the first changes.

The most important economic aspects of the day

In the United States, two statistical projections are expected at 3:00 p (FFHA and S & P Case Shiller Composite property prices), before the Board of Congress users' menu (4: 00 f, consensus 136,2). Several members of the deer (Clarida, Bostik) have to offer speeches at economic events.

EUR / USD is 1.13401 (+ 0.06%), although the ounce of gold is at US $ 1,222. WTI dropped 0.5% to 51.34 USD, while Brent had a & # 39; Restricted down -0.1% to USD 60.35. The US 10-year band yield has changed at 3.054%. Bitcoin will consolidate $ 3,810.

The main changes to recommendations

  • Air France KLM : Macquarie promotes unintentional detection by clicking on. targeting EUR 10.20. Berenberg will be relaunched from 10.50 USD 12 while he is still a buyer.
  • Altri : BBVA is going to go from a # 39; achieving market performance by focusing on EUR 8.60 against the previous EUR 8.30.
  • Coloplast : Barclays produces a rigorous survey that aims to SEK 685.
  • Marine Co-marks : Kepler Cheuvreux keeps tracking to & # 39; buy by improving 12 12 SEK.
  • land : Goldman Sachs is still a buyer with a smaller target of 188,179 EUR.
  • Crdit Switzerland : Morgan Stanley is overweight in line weight with a target of 18 14 CHFs reduced.
  • easyJet : Macquarie undertakes an oversight survey targeting 1,475 GBp. Revalued with 1,250 1,350 GBp as long as it was left. Berenberg released his target by leaving a seller with 1 215 1 160 GBp.
  • Euronav : Kepler Cheuvreux will keep going on & # 39; buying by buying 7.50 EUR 14.50 his goal.
  • GEA Group : Baader Helvea only holds her; reducing its target with EUR 28.25.
  • Geberit : Crdit Suisse reduces neutral outcomes with a smaller target of CHF 485,420.
  • Hikma : Jefferies will host to; Purchase with a target of 1,643 2,000 GBp.
  • Hochdorf : Crdit Suisse is still better with a smaller CHF 155,120 target.
  • Iag : Macquarie can look at a better check by doing it. targeting 480 GBp.
  • KBC Groep : Morgan Stanley will put on-line online stress too much; targeting EUR 79.60.
  • Lufthansa : Macquarie promotes an unprofitable search aimed at 19.90 EUR.
  • Michelin : Goldman Sachs is still neutral with a smaller target of 126,114 EUR.
  • Rexel : Crdit Suisse comes from indirect performance from a reduction from EUR 12.10 to EUR 11.70.
  • Royal Dutch Shell : AlphaValue Validation of 2 601 2 808 GBp, a collection.
  • RyanAir : Macquarie can be delivered by performing & # 39; targeting EUR 9.95.
  • SEB : Higher to begin to perform better by doing it. targeted at EUR 162.
  • Skip to content : Deutsche Bank will buy a CHF 98,101 target.
  • Valeo : Goldman Sachs is still neutral with a smaller target of 37 EUR 27.
Company news

Emmanuel Macron will inform her & # 39; This new French power policy, with the influence of Electricit de France, Engie, Total and usually on the entire ecosystem. Axa will pay 584 million euros to buy 50% of China Axa Tianping insurer who is not yet in & # 39; kept. AccorHotels to launch the purchase of Polish Orbis, ie 47.3% for 442 million euros. Credit Agricole purchased the Charterhouse sections in Comexposium. S & P has diminished "B-" the credit rating of Vallourec, which appears in 2019 and # 39; planned to respect its banking contracts in 2019. Trigano and BigBen have published their accounts. Carrefour puts 500 million euro 7 years 1.75%. Enter to get Dreicom. Choral Petit-Fils chooses. Groupe Gorg announces a contract in the United States. Argan will pay 65 million bills. Imerys reorganizes its activities in two ways. OSE Immuno gets the green light to launch a Level I trial in Belgium. Guidelines for GTT.

Breaby General Motors 14,800 jobs worldwide, including several miles in the United States. Three United Technologies will be divided into three: aeronautics, Otis and Carrier. New Nissan president should be published on 17 December. Microsoft's encryption has an Apple abbreviation shortened yesterday in the session.

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