Park Answer Here is the interview with AFF


In an interview with the official AFF Cup Cup assistant, Park Hang Seo interviewed and made Vietnam hospitality happy.

Park Hang Seo an entrepreneur?

Today (18/11), A Facebook Suzuki Cup's Facebook page has a clip about Park Hang Seo – the Vietnamese strategist. The upcoming ones are not the difficult questions that just have fun questions for fans to understand. The Coirine coach words are:

Who do you think is the best player in history?

Lionel Messi

If you're not a football coach, what does it do to think?
Hmm, I do not know. I may be a businesswoman.

Coach Hang This is a good response with AFF pictures

Coach Hang This is a good response

If selected for any club guides in the world, what team do he choose?


What's your favorite day in Vietnam?


What are your most exciting vacations ever in your life?

I'm happier in the playground any other holiday.

Nguyet Anh – TTVN

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