Parked Mars Mars spacecraft successfully. Why answered the answer? Life is not


Parked Mars Mars spacecraft successfully. Why answered the answer? Life is not

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It is very interesting for the world and to humanity again. When a spacecraft was explored in space The Air Travel and Spanish Air Navigation (NASA) Administration safely landed Mars at 02.52 times on November 27th in Thailand. This is the eighth time that humanity came to this planet. Good you did

"We have learned about Mars's surface and humor," said stars. On one occasion, there was a water in the surface of a chromag on the surface. So far, water is still on the surface. Stream with minerals before underwent. It is also known that Mars was losing much of the atmosphere due to stormy storms in the past. But we do not know much about Mars. To answer that question "Inside the surface. And inside the heart of Mars. What's going on? How big is the middle of Mars? One of the key actions of the"

For a device connected to the vehicle, a & # 39; including the heat below the surface. Mars is a mercury fever. By drilling down to a surface of 5 meters, that is the deepest in the back. Then measure the temperature and heat in the middle of the market that was released. To let you know that the heat data in the middle of Mars's surface is released today, the device also quantifies the size and shape of Mars. Tool for Mars positioning. To measure "turbulence" although Mars moves around itself. How do you write a lot? Just like spinning eggs. Order to tell us The egg is still wet. Not boiled. Maritime Mars Dimension To indicate whether Mars cross is melted or not. How big?

The final device for measuring a shape on Mars surface is a device. Is there a pediatric measurement instrument? The earthquake is similar to measuring Mars "pulse". Marsh earthquake can explain the middle below the star. In addition, the device also detects meteorites on Mars.

However, the site project. This compares to the vast health survey of Mars in the amount of 4.5 billion years. As well as measuring the worst level Measurement of temperature and heat inside your heart. And the amount of earthquake tremendous measurement. We hope to learn more about components inside Mars. That's probably the answer. Why today? Mars is a planet alive. Unlike the world that is full of life. And what difference between the two planets?

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