Parodies Saturday Night Live & # 39; Fox News attempts to explain the mid-wave blue wave


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Le Phil Helsel

More news about the mid-media blues. "Saturday Night Live" gave the airports to stimulate vibration at associate theories about voter fraud after times, and newspaper usage of Laura Ingraham's conservation adviser.

The sketch showed Kate McKinnon as Ingraham to referring to the forthcoming section of how "famous California people are surrendering some small wildfires, and our hero's president is under constant attack – from water."

Cecily Strong played at fire. Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro, had hosted a host; warns about what McKinnon's and Ingraham said to be called a "voting ballot that allows Democrats to always cast the election."

"Some women have said that subdivisions believe in opposition to the Republican Party – but is not it better for all Hispanics to vote twice?" McKinnon & Ingraham said. "You can not only give that idea just because it is not true and that it's silly."

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