Part-closing part of the Hanoi museum for a short time


In the second phase of the Hanoi Museum project, most of the exhibition range will add visitors.

The Hanoi People's Council has just produced the results of reporting and analyzing. Implementing 55 key projects and operations in 2016-2020, including Hanoi Museum.

The results show that the Hanoi museum project has been agreed for investment since 2012 but the associated methods are not yet overlooked; project was completed. Suspendance of display options may not cost expenses; before.

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The Hanoi Museum is located on Pham Hung Street, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem. Photograph: Vo Hai.

One of the reasons for trying to & # 39; project with the elected office of the town as a result of the change of the owner. The exhibition of the Hanoi Museum project has changed the owner three times.

According to their production, the museum collects materials, materials, materials and produces exhibition material. At the meeting with a & # 39; a group of delegations, the owner (Department of Culture, Sport – Hanoi Museum) has recommended "stopping visitors to visit".

Hanoi Nguyen Tien Da Museum Director stated that the proposal is above for the introduction of the second phase content of the museum project. If the town agrees with a proposal, 2, 3, 4, 4 star guests will welcome guests. The objects displayed at the floor will be moved to storage stores, displays, pets … put back to take the building site.

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Visitors to Hanoi Museum on the 18/11 morning. Photograph: Vo Hai.

"Their home leaders have agreed to close the upper floor but with the fact they need to launch events and exhibitions on the first floor and outside the house, museum to serve the public, "said Da. South Westerly

Eight years ago, the Hanoi Museum was set up and used as one of the main jobs to welcome 1000 years from Thang Long. The first plan will be completed over three years after its & # 39; commissioned and used to present all designs and objects. However, because the display has been delayed, so from time to time; Use, the shows are not yet temporary exhibitions.

The Hanoi Museum project is estimated at a total capital of more than 2,300 billion. One phase of the museum building was completed in 2010 (worth 1,600 billion). It is expected that the second phase, which includes displays, will be evaluated at VND 800 billion, will be completed by 2015 and will now be amended until 2019. According to the content Content, The seven themes to be exhibited at the museum are: Tour to Thang Long, Thang Long, Dai Viet, Hanoi in the nineteenth century – first half of the 20th century, serving Hanoi, social , Hanoi on the regeneration method.

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