Passenger ferry available in the town of Orusts – a great job


Fears 17.37 arrived on Thursday night. Bohuslägen is a & # 39; The first one to tell the disaster.

"The process was so fast, so we did not know how many were aboard. A sister's ferry was there quickly and they built the boarders and boarders," a & # 39; explains Tobias Nicander, maritime rescue director at the Marine and Air Rescue Center.

It was a great commitment. But the crisis was quickly solved.

– The Marine Rescue Company and Coast Guard are in place. The ferry is left. Be uncertain at the moment if you miss it or if you need more resources, "says Nicander.

The ferry is pulled off

However, no one should be injured. No one needs to get medical care.

– But there is no danger to be involved, with no injuries and what does not appear to be a loss.

The cause of the accident is not clear at the time of writing. The boat is now landed.

– How or why does the investigation appear later. Now the boat is transported to a regular and thoroughly controlled ferry method. But they have made an initial assessment of the damage to their boat. Oil spills seem to be low, saying Tobias Nicander to Bohusläningen.

According to its newspaper, passengers will Due expectations of the tours between Tuvesvik and Käringön during Thursday.

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