Passenger transport: How the carers aim to restructure the department


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Passenger transport: How the carers aim to restructure the department

Minister for Transport Abdelkader Amara on Saturday is set out in the Rabat strategy for the upgrading and development of public passenger transport department. This strategic vision will be conferred by stakeholders in the department through a four-point program contract registration, said; ministry. So, the first column is a n; related to the development of the legal arsenal that is the department's management. This column is based on 4 conflicts, which is the review of the legal framework of the department, changing special provisions of the Highway Code, changing passenger transport prices and simplified administrative procedures. In terms of the second piece, it will emphasize the establishment of quality service and safety standards in the sector with the aim of improving the quality of services for travelers. This includes the development of passenger reception facilities, and & # 39; developing the social situation of people working in the sector and promoting energy efficiency.

However, the third pillar will be relevant to the renewal of the transport companies, and including strengthening the skills and professionalism of human resources as well as coach fleet regeneration. Finally, the Department of Transport also aims to establish a national transport theater and a national management tool for the department, including the advanced division, system renewal and road control devices, and control of unfair competition. and estimate prices.

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