Passengers disturbed airfield workers, attacked anger


Three young men were attacked by VietJet workers at Tho Xuan airport

COn November 23, at the airport to Tho Xuan airport, there are three Pham Huu An (living in the ward of Dong Ve, Thanh Hoa city), Le Van Nhi (a Living in Xuan Quang, Tho Xuan area) and Le Trung Dung Xuan town, Tho Xuan area) here for his friend Manh.

At 14h on the same day, after Mr Manh to carry out the inspection in procedures, the three in the sitting room and the GT ferry staff. Take pictures with you.

Another camera will fit into the case of three young men who will hit the airs of their staff; airports. Well: Facebook

Ms G. refused the work, and three things were moved to hit, slapped, pedal. Three others also affected many others. Security forces were then handled and operated; giving three young people to the Tho Xuan area police.

Ms. L.T.G., a Vietnamese Air employee from India, has also been dragged at Tho Xuan Airport. Ms. G. why was she attacked, and asked her; The group continued to stand together, but as a result of being too busy she refused and hit it suddenly.

Sister G. said the young man had attacked her hard. This caused her to worry and take her time off because he was too frightened.

Prior to the objectives set out at the top of the November 25th, the Tho Xuan Public Security Case was officially investigated. In case, he challenged the accused person to carry out checks on "Stopping public order."

At the same time, the Vietnamese Aviation Administration has made a decision to prevent air transport in 12 months with three air workers in the Tho Xuan airport.

In addition to that, on the afternoon of November 26th, the Tho Xuan district (Thanh Hoa) police force implements measures to stop the three items from female supporters in Tho Xuan airport November 23. Just to continue to analyze.

Male passengers were believers, a & # 39; going to female employees at their airport due to & # 39; and that "catch" should be in to the end

This is not the first time that an air aggression was attacked by aviation female workers with violent attacks, which has been like this in the past. The event took place on 6 January 1818 when the passengers left men, Tan Port Nhat workers were a big storm because the "catch" looked back to the end.

Click on textile knitting, which goes forward to female staff at a & # 39; airport due to the fact that "hold up" should be carried out in late

So the event at the Tan Son Nhat airport (HCM City), male passengers (blue shirt) was shouting loudly, preventing the employees of Bhietjet airport by submitting to arrive early Half times before leaving time without work.

His case was increased when travelers packed their baggage bag on the airplane station struck by the women's staff bag. The traveler raised the bag and put it up again, again pushed down with the female workers on the ground in front of many witnesses. Angered, one of the passengers who went on to deal with female staff, immediate attack on security forces to airports

Then, the male traveler told the female staff, saying he arrived early (at the airport at 3pm) but as a result of a quarry as far as possible At the same time, he said he was sad three times in a while when traveling on a Vietjet plane, so he must be "sold".

In response, the women also said that they have been done as ordered, as passengers reach more than 40 minutes and so they can not do procedures, if you want to fly later, the passenger must pay 440,000.

Looking back at the event, passenger air passengers were spoiled, attacked her; a flying aerial - Picture 4.

Male passengers were saved by airport security personnel – pictures on the cut from the clip.

However, Vietjet Air representatives confirmed customers' communications with their staff at their survey counter.

Vietjet's representative said: "After the incident, its company has been working with staff to solve the problem, which many believe that the female chief is The hostessed hostage to the ground was unevenly uncomfortable. The headman took the luggage to the next installment as the bag was on the front of the worker, but unfortunately fell, and fell on the ground for Second time because it was not so fast to fall down.

According to Vietjet Air, the male traveler arrived late, but still asked to scrutinize the air board. The plane leaves 15h50 but does not; After 15h10, the staff is preserved by 40 minutes. Representatives of this company said, when the passengers to their company have closed and can not get new customers.

Male passengers are hit by airborne workers in the middle of Noi Bai airport

In addition, it is impossible to tell the voyage of male passengers who VietNam Airlines staff met at Noi Bai airport in October 2016 which caused many angry people.

Clip: Staff of the Department of Hanoi Transportation; hit the head of Noi Bai airport staff

So on the afternoon of October 18, Noi Bai, Hanoi 2 travelers Tran Duong Tung and Dao Vinh Thuan following his flight on VN7256 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh acts of crime and attacked an officer on Noi Bai's Mineral Center, a countervice Nguyen Le Quynh Anh (counters 38).

At this time, a passenger will provide a female employee, male traveler and then a collar. going to use the leather bed that the female workers hit to Quynh Anh, it's very difficult to get a medical test at Green Plaza Hospital, Hanoi.

After that, Quynh Anh was released from hospital, home to rest. As soon as the event happened, Vietnam Airlines has co-ordinated with the authorities to make records, and # 39; case.

However, the reason for many of the complaints is that a government official is one of the two females. These two people, Tran Duong Tung and Dao Ha Thuan – staff of Hanoi Department of Transport.

Looking back at the event, there was a serious detrimental effect on air passenger passengers, attack was attacked at a & # 39; airport - Picture 7.

A portrait of the worker who was hit at his airport. Clip from clip

Prior to the event, the Department agreed to The Hanoi Congress then decided to suspend Mr Dao Vinh Thuan (contract producer and assault convener), asking him to disturb the female air staff by 24 October.

In addition, the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority has also made a decision to dispose of air transport by 12 months for Mr Tung and 6 months for Mr Thuan.

In order to increase the efficiency of handling similar barriers, the Vietnam Aviation Administration has asked ACV to guide its air security control strength to increase its efficiency; In order to find actions that quickly detect and delete airports, airports or planes, public order and control orders; health threat and airborne life; To protect the safety of people and staff working in the field of airports and the ownership of individuals and organizations involved.

Your airport authorities need to do the job; Strengthening and retrieving in the long-term jobs, along with ANHK troops in good time. The airlines must actively coordinate the ANHK service and port operators do not have early assault treatment, and & # 39; threat to the health and life of its staff. Take aggressive measures to protect staff safety against attacks, harassment.

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