Passengers sent a disagreement against their flight ticket and the truth surprised everyone


January 4, 2019

The woman made a public complaint because she understood that they were in a position; wrote "ugly" on his air ticket but responded to his message to his company and encouraged the social networking campaigns.


A traveler around a tour was started with Viva Air airline "low cost" when he broke his opponent; company to collect more bags. Natalia Guzmán said what happened and said that air personnel had been truncated, but the company responded to the message and the user became the center of his company .

The situation began to add more value to its & # 39; handbag that was above the permitted size. Due to this, the workers wrote the ticket with a complete mark, according to the women saying "ugly" and they filed their Twitter account.

"@VivaAirCol I had never been so scared and unhappy. Not only does WORST airport have all my & # 39 pay a bag for 2 cm more, just for the wheels, but the workers and my family died to death. They wrote us ugly on their table, "he wrote on his profile @ natisguz.

Within a few hours later, Viva Air responded in the boom's announcement that the word "FEAS" was not written on the ticket, but "FCAS", which describes his & her; cabin bag spent. According to its airline company, the expression "FCAS" is a # 39; means "Billed in Upper Cabin", as it is a "low cost" in which; 10gg boundary and the steps must be 40x35x25 cm.

They would have fun at the name of their daughter at her & # 39; airport and that's a & # 39; This amazing effect was for this mother

This response caused a breakdown in social networks that started the removal of the publications and benefited to make humorous comments on the subject.

A user was encouraged to put the picture sent by the travelers to the picture by adding a picture of the actress Ana María Orozco, interpreting his role as "Betty, the ugly".

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