Passive smoking before birth is increasing respiratory risk when it occurs; age


Passive smoking in childhood, including uterus, is a child; Increase the risk of COPD (Bronchumuneum Pulmonary Disease) years later, warning warning to astronomers.

"a child suffered passive smoking It's a risk that he has the breathing abilityadulthood"warning warnings in the statement of a number of special centers.

"Until recently, there was no expectation COPD than in adult adults. Now, we know that the disease can be found in their youth", says Professor Ralph Epaud, head of the Center for Romance Rumors and the Head of Department of Pediatric Intelligent Hospital Center Créteil, mentioned in the statement.

There are differences accordingly sexsays the statement, mentions a number of studies: "a a woman Being more likely to affect the disease when tobacco appears in the cell; time ro-natal, and a man to be more vulnerable to presentation Postnatal".

As well as passive smoking, severe asthma and respiratory diseases occur during childhood as well as the risk factors for developing COPD.

"The child's question is that of those children at risk & # 39;", according to Professor Epaud.

"Most of them come out of control radar after a certain age, to be repeated several years later, about 40 or 50 years, sometimes who may be at risk expected"he says.

COPD is a disease chronic bricks, which implies a lasting barrier on the airways. His main signs are a shortening of breath, cough, sputum.

"a & # 39; ignorance COPD is one of the reasons for a is often overwhelming, feel the statement, depending on whatCOPD criticism is important because there are thermal solutions": smoking downturn, remedies or"respiratory rehabilitation", that is, extensive care based on re-training exercise.

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