Patient Deer is at flat levels


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Washington (AFP)

The deer should "postulate patience" on racing rates after a meeting of its Monetary Committee Wednesday, after the "shutdown" test and long as Washington and Beijing are in high-risk trading deals.

Unanimous financial players say that the US Bank rests on levels after the fundraising four times last year.

Currently, daily rates are between 2.25% and 2.50%, although inflation is very popular (1.8% in November, according to the PCE schedule), especially due to low prices in Europe. petrol.

The financial strength of October's markets is the uncertainties associated with a commercial company with China and expects to grow slowly in global growth. Ensure that the Deer is aware.

Although it was an official statement at the highest level in December, the Deer was not reporting a breach but considering "gradual increase", there are a number of officers, including Jerome Powell , the president, said it was essential to wait.

Powell at the beginning of January said that the deer would "be patient when he sees how the economy is changing" against small inforas and "campaigns" that weaken the economy.

This situation has given the markets confidence in particular since the US administration is slowly recovering this week of 35 days of partial paralysis of federal administration, which hinders the confidence consumers and victims of economic visibility.

– The real problem: trading –

Most of the economic indicators were not released for a month and the wine was not given on Wednesday. The first estimate of growth in the fourth quarter, or how prices were presented with publications.

Particularly close part of the administration should be affected. It will cost the US $ 11 billion economy, with no more than $ 3 billion, based on Transportation Budget Services (CBO).

In the official statement of the deer to be released at 19:00 GMT on Wednesday, practitioners will be searching for the word "patience" but there is more scope for Mr Powell to go to; booked for its news conference. Starting on & # 39; this month, the media information of the world's leading world chief executive bank meets the regular meeting after each meeting of the Monetary Committee (FOMC) every six weeks.

In the last few weeks, he was criticized by Jerome Powell – who had been dying with her; criticized Donald Trump, unhappy to see the upper stages – he had been in communication.

In office for a year, Powell is uncertain about his value at the rate of rates, as well as how funds are provided on the Fingal balance sheet.

Undoubtedly, it will be questioned about this reduction of the balance sheet that has a small impact on levels and disturbance of the markets.

For Joel Naroff, an independent economic, it is not as good as the numbers to increase the levels of market breakdown than commercial uncertainties.

"The biggest problem is in a trade war. As long as this case is settled, the Deer must be working slowly as the open trade of the world economy can be argued to decline, "said the economist.

A high level Chinese delegation hosting lectures on Wednesday and Thursday with US Representative, Robert Lighthizer (USTR) and Finance Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, among others.

For now, the Deer is creating a 2.3% GDP growth in 2019 instead of 3% in 2018. The IMF is a bit more optimistic at 2.5%.

Members of the Monetary Committee expected two small level increases in mid-December in the & # 39; 2019 but this rehearsal will not be reviewed by March.

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