Patient rehabilitation with skin snake skin with a large body discharge


Draw pictures
Doctors who do skin suppressions for patients.

After 3 hours, the doctors disappeared the ruins to reduce the skin, the skin from the right arm, coffin to the abdomen, the patient was exhausted and the Repeal Division is actively handled

The patient reported that the patient was tied in the machine due to unpaid work with the machine. Patients have a large machine with a great skin. The patient was just on his shirt in a short time in the patient and then rescued in the hospital.

The patient will go to the hospital in the condition of pain, and # 39; calm loss and fish due to loss of blood. As a result of massive bleeding, the patient was moved to the emergency room immediately.

The patient has recovered from a severe brain brain caused by a traffic accident in July last year, so the laboratory should be quite accurate and accurate

The family had preserved the patient's skin and was taken to hospital over time, so the patient was made a skin benefit. However, due to first aid work, just after the disaster was only severe bleeding and the patient suffered a lot of blood.

Doctors recommend that people should be fully equipped with protective clothing, work safety knowledge and treatment when there is a disaster during staff time. Despite skin infections, patients should be treated with medical treatment, hemostatic flies, and hanging wounds, bending and relieving pain and describing specialist hospitals for their best treatment. unfortunately

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