Patients should take a shower of sunburn when they come home


Specialist Eating Disorders Ali Ekinci, during transitions time is so common a switch, means that patients in this time are getting rough and changing clothes without warning.

Disease specialist from hospital disease OfM Antalya Ali Ekinci gave information about the most common chest diseases in the seasons. Dr. Ekinci, from spring to autumn and fall falls in the chest infection fall first among those who have identified not to take asthma. He confirmed that the biggest police force in the world was the biggest factor in dispute. Ekinci, "especially when trees are dispersing around the pollen, increases the current asthma causing attacks," he said. Allergic asmama symptoms, cough, breathlessness, relaxation, as some patients apply in breathing form of breath and breathing like breath. Ekinci said that an expert should be consulted on this issue. When the tests are complete, the necessary treatment will be carried out. Ekinci pointed out the importance of treating individual patients as well as drugs.


He convinced allergic patients should stay away from pollen. Ali Ekinci said:

“When pollen is active, especially in the late morning and evening it is not recommended to go out too much. When you come home you can pick up a pollen link when you clean up the blood in the time of cleaning the hair or cloth to catch a bath, we recommend that you switch outdoors immediately. So the patient gets away with the force from the outside.

You MUST do it

Dr. Ekinci said that by drawing attention to nutrition amongst the individual measures of the patient, the end of February, so that the center of the pollen can be in mid-April to beat the body of this time in a diet based on t important weight and fruit, he said. Dr. Ekinci, regular drug users should use the drug, saying, “if it is not treated in the lungs over time, the microbial strain is advanced and can lead to long-term illnesses such as chronic bronchitis,” inflammation of the pandemic. said he.

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