Patients suffered from hospital hospital 5 to midnight


About 0h on November 22, at the 5th floor, D29, Alison, Vietnam Hospital – Sweden (Uong Bi, Quang Ninh), patients jumping from the 5th floor to the ground that was killed .

Victim H. (36 years old, from T Cam Pha, Quang Ninh) is being cure at the Oncology Department.

Patient jump from 5th floor to hospital midnight hospital - Picture 1.

The scene where the patient is going to jump.

As soon as the event was discovered, the doctors opposed the emergency department in the hospital but the victim was not victimized alive.

According to some witnesses, the victim was treated for collar cancer in Room 9, Alsh. Although he did not understand it, climbing the patient through the window and jumping down.

It is known that the person suffering from & # 39; serving prison sentences, due to poor illness being taken to hospital treatment. At present, the authorities investigate the purpose of the event.

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