Patients who have been hospitalized in Nitra have been released for measles, and the next one is a suspected disease


In Nitra, there was a patient with suspicion of a crusher in the hospital, the produce of the tariffs is still unknown.

NITRA, November 20 ( – Two patients who were taken to hospital at Nitra University Hospital, with a coffin, were released for home medicine. He was a 17-year-old Ukraine and a 11-month-old child from Šaľa district.

"At present, there is a patient in hospital with suspected mosquitoes, but we still do not know the results, "Tatiana Timková, Nitra University Hospital spokesman, told SITA. A young man from Ukraine visited the family in Nové Zámky. The child from Šaľa district was still vaccinated for a small age The first sign of his illness was after he returned from Turkey.

"It is a highly infectious disease in abrasions that is dramatically broadcast by airway secretion traps, "Timková said. Based on a recommendation from the Departmental Public Health Office in Nitra, the Nitra University Hospital of infectious diseases is still prohibited until the appeal.

Behavior is a mental illness with a special sign. The disease will be spread through the air, and will be adjudicated by about eight to 11 days. In bad dress, fever, stomach, mucous mildew, the lungs can also be infected, and the brain is a very serious bone, or belly intestinal problem. It is a vaccine in the prevention of illness.

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