Patnote – The Baller, Crossplay Match, and more


The first major update of Fortnite Season 8 has gone live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the form of v8.10!

Fortnite v8.10 activates the new Baller carriage, changes to the Environmental Tools additionality, and more.

Have a look at the full Patch Notes from Epic Games below …


The Baller
Keep going! Combine your strengths and strive to perform incredible tricks with his latest motorcycle to put on the Battle of Royale!


Vending Machines
These handy tools now provide free items but only distribute one piece / weapon before they depart.



  • Baller
    • The single carriage is available at the Expedition Outposts and around stools pirate campers
    • Use Grappler and Boost attached to pull the rocks up or down the trees t
    • The driver is protected from damage but the Baller is vulnerable from the enemy firearms.
    • 300 Health
  • Football footprint
  • Heavy assault rifle
    • Numerical enrichment from unusual / unusual / non-common / common / rare
    • Scale for damage common / non-common / non-common basis 36/38/40
  • Conservators
    • Larger size of 10cm to 6.
  • Vending Machines
    • Material cost has been removed.
    • All vending machines will be destroyed after an application has been made.
    • Ordinary and non-standard vending machines were removed.
    • Removed from Turret taken from Legendary Vending Machine
  • Decrease in access to Treasure Maps from floor width .53% to .27%.
  • A reduction in access to Treasure Maps from broom 3.25% to 1.65%.

Bug Changes

  • Exhausted tracks of rock dredging immediately extracted.
  • They fixed a case where the audio music for Balloons continued to use Balots to get up to the height of a vehicle.
  • We will replace a case where Treasure Buried would not resolve it when the Auto Pickup armament was enabled.
  • They repaired a case where the Treasure Buried Coffins could be placed on the Isle of Skye.
  • An issue was created by using the Impulse Grenade or Shockwave Grenade and a jump on Hoverboard causing the player to see very quickly.


  • Battle of Royale Crossplay Matchmaking
    • Quickly Xbox One and PS4 together.
      • This is asking you to choose to be involved in a cross-match.
      • Players choose not to go outside to Creative Mode and playgrounds.
    • Swimming pools by hand and movement.
      • Previously, Switch players were joined by Xbox One and PS4 play parties.
      • We anticipate a better understanding of mobile and mobile performers.
    • The inspirational encouragement offers full potential to allow us to run more playlists in more hours of the day and support additional data centers. Give us feedback about what happened to you!
  • An infinite tab is reduced from the first 12 hours to 11 hours
  • Just by withdrawing, increasing the size of an infinite dab from 12 hours to 13 hours per hour
  • Credit is now waived for last injury in cases going out, removing your self-movement, and eliminating a lack of storm. The current time period is 15 seconds.
  • Visual effects added to failure.
  • Players can now pick up as soon as they affect anything after they are launched by Cannon Spiders
  • Players can dance while they are holding a balloon
  • The visual image HUD le Pirate Cannon added to it as a gun.
  • Players automatically bring the driving set when they enter an empty vehicle.
  • In addition to using animations for the following items: t
    • Bannage
    • Package
    • Potion Small Shield
    • Shield Potion
    • Slurp Juice
    • Cug Chug

Bug Changes

  • Pirate shot guns set to stop ammunition for passengers within their gun
  • Guns cannot be used with fixed pirates when it is moving back
  • We'll fix a case where a player could lose capacity when burning it from a pirate.
  • Delaying effects will be influenced by fixed pirate explosions
  • They repaired a case where Spaniards moved on their side, sliding over the ground in too long
  • Fixed guns of pirates who were dealing with damage if burned in the nearby rooms t
  • We place a case where players were not allowed to break through structures when they were shot from nearby Gunpowder guns
  • Vehicles are no longer motivated by empty vehicles or carrying only friendly players.
  • Fixed a case in a heavy camera setting the conditions that led to the first incorrect shot when burning weapons.
  • They repaired a case by the Congo saying he doesn't respect environmental landlords such as Lava
  • A case has been settled where an player can stop their animation immediately
  • Fixed a case by deleting deletion at the time of opening / closing door.
  • Performers set with Treasure Buried map down
  • Fixed a case where the Toggle and Delete buttons will quickly follow the editing process of the blue blue instead of building the structure.
  • Flow boards do not explode again when they are going out on a man near Turret Mounted.
  • PS4 players based on the sensitivity of the mouse cannot be adjusted.


Abstract of Summary
Welcome to Getaway! In this way, players try to find a star and go to a galley van before everybody else gets the match!

Method Details

  • Lectures will be provided in specific catering supply tapes, located on the edge of the first storm ring. The savings will take a long time to open, so make sure the area is clear before trying to claim a Jew!
  • Four Jews play on the map at all times. If a player can get away from a Jew or someone has lost in Stoirm, Drop Drop will give you a new place.
  • Four overall there are geoway vans on the map, three that arrive early in the game and one which appears near the end of the game.
  • The aim is to find or steal Jewish and to take him to one of the Royale Victory vans.
  • Once they come out, safe tracks and getaway vans can be seen on the map. at all times.
  • When a Jew is born he will appear on a map for everyone for 30 seconds.
  • Taking Jewel health & shields over time for players, but also reduces 10%.
  • Getaway vans fly in central, Jewel bearers must grow and then interact with them to complete Getaway.
  • There are 10 red “Pursuit” supplies below ground at the beginning of the game. They will contain a mixture of long-term weapons and other objects, and are the only way to get the new Grappler in this mode.
  • This method only allows uncommon or better weapons.
  • Motions, Rift-to-go and Launchpads were removed to reduce movement for a milder Van getaway duties.
  • Profile stamps (K / D & Wins) are detected in this mode, but Umbrellas are not awarded for awards
  • The ATK was temporarily brought back in this mode, as it is the only land vehicle with 4 people.


  • Competition Info: Solo Gauntlet Test event & Duo Gauntlet Experiment Event
    • They extended another extended session, which runs 24 hours a day and closes on 19 March at 12 AM ET.
    • Matching:
      • Matchmaking will not wait to create a game with the closest players available after 8 minutes, and now we will have to launch a lot of players with similar scores.
      • Expanding bullet point pointing to increase the chances of high caliber players matched by other high-ranking players.
      • Note: Because of the playlist in which play is based on your score, different games may be of different quality or availability at specific times of the day.
  • Updating Scoring:
    • Individual
      • +2 Points will now be awarded on arrival of 15th place (previously 10th place).
    • Duo
      • Increase in Bus File from -2 Points to -3 Points.
        • This is a smooth solution for the Duo event providing too many points for players as a result of removal, causing inflation over the event.
      • +2 Points will now be given after they have reached 7th place (as at the fifth place).
  • New Competition: Scallywag Duos Cup (16th & 17th March) t [$100,000 in Cash Prizes!]
    • As a test of our prize pay systems continuing into the Fortnite World Cup, we will have a “100,000” Duos Prize competition on 16th and 17th March. The awards dinner will be distributed across all server areas, with rules and official information published later this week.
    • Involvement in this event requires players to be in the top 3% (global) of a Solo test event or Duo Gauntlet as 12 AM ET on 16 March.
    • Shape:
      • Round One: All appropriate players
      • Round Two: 3000 Best Actors from Round One


  • Some cases missed a package, which could happen with some ISPs likely to reorganize the UDP network packages.
    • Find more context in the Reddit Post we made last week.
  • Improved I / O performance for Xbox One. This reduces so many recent releases.
  • We regain a regiment in a blow to the Switch due to the time of GPU
  • Improved performance of Switch by decreasing the risk of making items from a wide day changing stages t
  • The cannon was given better
  • The best UI elements with major team modes
  • Improved performance for the Lux Bar
  • Established blows that happen on the Match Stats screen by loading up assets


  • New sound effects for Baloons when in the air.
  • Reduction in the number of small scale sounds (chairs, beds, fences, etc).
  • Remove the recovery from pickaxe mice.
  • Remove environmental sounds when they are going.

Bug Changes

  • The sound when using Glider is no longer playing twice when you use Redeploy Glider.
  • You set up a Glider / sound-based setting that affects the impact of Victory Royale.
  • Better music opportunity when he's watching Leumni with music while they are in the lobby.
  • The palette of a pirate movement doesn't stop now after it flows for more than 10 seconds.
  • Sound the balloon sound behind the ball after going through Rift.


  • Key Links – The keyboard links are now sorted to find tasks that you want to retrieve more easily.
  • Marking system:
    • The hover information will be added for features in a world, activities that may be played by a referee appear in the information. A referee's information will appear when the transposition occurs over the mark.
    • You can now identify vehicles and find similar materials such as apples.
    • An exhibition of Subject indicators reworked to make them more readable across all platforms.
    • Items will be displayed as a short-term feature when they are first identified, and will decrease in size when a player is targeting near their location.
    • The markers are now arranged by distance.
    • Reduced screen size of team squad signals to reduce obstacle.
    • Minimap markers have been updated to match the world's matches.
    • On a keyboard now there is a keybind option to specify a specific location to set the risk position.
    • By clicking on the matching button to insert a marker mark, nothing on the ground is now blocked.
    • You can now kiss as you travel in a car reliably.
    • You can now point out as Bush is.
    • Please keep telling us what improvements you would like to see for the marking system!
  • Squad squads and team arrows will be clearer when they try to put scenes down.
  • Back to be able to look at your current challenges while you're in match.
  • Cover up quickly! You can enter a wrap for each gap by selecting “Apply to All” when you drag a fold in the locker.
  • Provides an opportunity for controllers to control some prize prizes when you look at Challenge
  • Party Info versus lobbying is now reversing Party Assist when you are in a Party.

Bug Changes

  • The Luxe folder is now displayed in the Screen Challenge along with the Blackheart and hybrid motions.
  • Packages have now been previewed the most advanced version of the vehicle or army during the war.
  • Fixed a case on consoles where you couldn't choose a “Party Assist” for the final challenge in a folder.
  • We will remove a case where the next stage of challenge was not automatically established to a “Party Assist”.
  • An issue was settled where the animations and sounds would play twice when selecting a Challenge person.
  • We would finish a case where the mouse would challenge the Challenge Challenge at times without expecting it.


  • They set bus routes to the minimap.

mobile phone

  • We introduced an Auto burner feature to allow all weapons. This was previously done for other weapons, but we have now put these to our pistols.
  • Blocking Android steps to Android.
  • Improve the quality of some Mobile / Switch sound effects.

Bug Changes

  • We fixed a case because the hunting button is involved in a continuous fire loop or is unable to make a fire without being able to re-position.
  • Fixed a case that caused players on a more special site to work with their use button.
  • Build a fixed turbo that doesn't start when you go from editing to building with a method.
  • Activity with Transitions based on using a Bluetooth device
  • A database based on the recording panel's weapons
  • Autorun is not fully flown if "Sprint by Default for Controller" is placed on ‘OFF air on the mobile
  • A fixed construction method was introduced if a piece of construction is selected before the construction / installation mode button
  • Fixed something away where the pepper uses tea actions on moving.
  • Continuing sustainable traffic line when the player is driving several vehicles on Mobile


New Isles & Subject
Jump to two amazing island places. Build your best slave slave with the new one to visit Wooden Lodge and enjoy a tight view of a very good volcano.

New Game Options
Lack of protection or protection? We have added new game rule options that allow you to make more customization of team assignments and set positive PvP games.



  • The Western Isles
    • Sandbar Island
    • Volcano Island
  • The number of islands reduced to play by a server from 16 to 8.
    • Enabling larger islands
    • Improving the performance of the server
    • Players after the first 8 players will not have access to their own islands and have to start a new service. This will be set to be a future date when the mechanic is updated.
  • We took away the hit that was taking off the islands to give the larger islands a bigger opportunity.

Bug Changes

  • We will remove a case where items were lost after they had been loaded onto an island, re-colonized and island, or completed. A recording system was also created which caused many bones.
  • They repaired a case where it was not possible to restore islands after they were reinstated.
  • A bug has been fixed where island settings would not be linked by players linking to islands.
  • They repaired a case where some of the equipment and equipment could not be planted on specific areas of the island.
  • A case was settled where players could sometimes lose jobs when they filled in to Creative Scotland and returned quickly to the Hub.


  • Scoring added
    • A new score for Win as final contract. Please specify the target score for players or teams to win the game.
      • Many of the scores in scores, between 1 – 10,000,000
    • Full Score option added to Standard Score Class. Complete a score with the HUD and show the full score for players and teams when the game ends.
    • The score comes from vehicle trophies and things from the Challenge Gallery as pages
  • Developed Targets
    • Objectives added to as a last resort. Please specify the number of objectives needed to complete the game.
    • Option to the Objectives added to a Type of Scoreboard. When the game shows how many goals have been achieved by each player or team.
  • The Challenge Gallery has exciting new visual effects to make it more visible for players.
  • He moved into the game starting to count down after the screen went out
  • He turned HUD off while he was playing a game on an introduced island
  • Play more games than anywhere and count them down to start the game
  • He changed the countdown to 3 seconds from 6 seconds.
  • New site for a site of spoon, current place, which is currently running where you are when the game starts. Useful for games to play.
  • Re-organized tab options to make choices easier.
  • Add a screenshots description to Game options and Game Choice options.

Bug Changes

  • We will fix a case where players who are associated with a server cannot be properly restored.
  • A case was resolved where an attempt could be made to exchange teams to DB DB to replace the building.
  • Fixed a case where the player can't jump out of flight when the action of the jump connected to the correct right-to-right button is on a set of controls.
  • Fixed a case that took the screen twice, when it is restarted.
  • They repaired a case where the yellow triangular triangle would speed up the time during HUD warming.
  • An issue has been settled where the HUD warming machine will not animate.
  • A fixed bug would not be set into stasters where reinventing players were going to heat.


Bug Changes

  • Remote aircraft based on the character of the player as they are thrown at the top as Bush.
  • They installed a case where players found out of sustainability when working with the gun.
  • The influence of Drum Drum was demonstrated. The happy improvement is continuing.


  • Spores now identifies when you are aiming with your voice, showing that it can be deleted.
  • The phone is now capable of interacting with props and lifting stones of the island. They will focus on how you focus on the cross over them.
  • When you use the "Phone to Grow" or Reduce with Snap Grid enable the button, the button grows again and peels the tool.

Bug Changes

  • A geographical preview based on props drawing through themes or characters on moving stages.
  • They repaired a case where movements of a scale behave in a wrong direction and go down.
  • We locked up cases where some of the walls raised by players had a more expensive cost of memory.
  • An issue has been settled where the phone stopped working after an player was knocked out of the language.
  • Props are fixed by swiftly adjusting to a wrong size when using the phone to grow or tap when there is potential in Grid Snap.
  • Fixed a case where Snap Center and Resize were difficult to notice when a prop is too big or far away.
  • Fixed a case where the on-screen button for Terrain Collision On and Off looked like mobile platforms.


  • Large Environmental Gallery
  • Galleries & Cabbages Wooden cabins
  • Volcanic & Lava Rock Galleries
  • Jungle Temple Wall Extended Gallery
  • Mine Mine Gallery
  • Lava slabs have been added to the Elemental Cube gallery
    • Known item: Labels on the floor are not causing damage to a player
  • Themes were added to the street gallery gallery B & Slant


  • New Baller Spawn
    • The single carriage is available at the Expedition Outposts and around stools pirate campers
    • Use Grappler and Boost attached to pull the rocks up or down the trees t
    • The driver is protected from damage but the Baller is vulnerable from the enemy firearms.
    • 300 Health
  • New Machine Objective
    • This tool acts as a tool to destroy new games types
    • Choose from 7 different props – THERE was the Burr Burger mascot and Pizza Pit's mask here.
    • Establish health level from 1, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10,000, 25,000
    • Please set the team with the object
    • Position an explosive radius when the target is destroyed. Destroy all slabs and props in the radius even if the environment is to be difficult to use.
    • Set an optional beacon type to make it easy for you to find
    • Obtained vehicles will not harm AIM.
  • Update Update Starting on the List & Team Choices
    • Additional ability to select options for each team
    • Bonus Ammo for armor – on, off
    • Starting health – 1%, Half, Full, unstable
    • Max Health – 1, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 10,000
    • Starting Shields – Empty, Half, Full
    • Max Shields – No Shield, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 10,000
    • Ammo unfinished – On, Off
    • Unlimited – On site
    • Dam Dam – On air, off
    • Density – Low, Low, Low, High, High, Very High
    • Tiredness – Out, of
    • Flight Player – Air, Off
    • Player names and places – Always look out, hide constantly
    • Redeploy Glider – On, Off
    • Down but not out – On, Off
    • Block building in game – On (no lifting players), Off (Players allow if they have facilities)
    • Recycling Time – 1-30 seconds
    • Beginning starter – Unlimited, 1 to 16 – Use to make non-standard teams when using team game choice.
    • Clearances for the extermination, 1 to 10
    • Collect Things you empty all, 1 to 10
    • Win-off score, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, 2,000,000, 5 million 10,000,000,000
    • Targets for reading, 1 to 10
  • Departed in last notes at 8.00 – Extension of wall added to the fastest speed. Great for builders.
  • Team Settings added to Checkpoint device.
  • Street boards will be banned to 50 to set memory and performance issues on mobile devices. We will continue to investigate to see if we can increase that restriction.

Bug Changes

  • Performance-based issues with the Music Sequencer tool on islands with a large number of Music Blocks.
  • The Start List device installs duplicate items if the "Drop down off" setting is disabled.
  • When you are not sent to any of the team, select the Player Starter tool.
  • We'll fix a case when Billboard background colors don't work properly.
  • Fixed the geographic forecast for the Flipper Pinball is always the default size when moved by phone.
  • A case was settled where the football ballooner would give a preview of a prospectus when it was copied after pushing or spreading it with the phone.
  • They fixed a case where some of the music blocks in Sequencer cannot play in some cases.
  • Established issues using the phone not to take care of the riding distance you are traveling on the Drift Register.
  • We'll fix a case where Radios could play music after they have been installed on an island with Radio set off.
  • A case was settled where the performers would be locked from their record after being shot from a gun.


  • Add a score to the HUD when a type of scoreboard is set in full score

Bug Changes

  • We fixed a case where HUD elements sometimes did not appear correctly.
  • Fixed casework where the Preliminary Game Panel would be present after returning to HUB from a Special Island.
  • We place grammar and spelling errors in the Prefabs menu
  • We'll place a case where the first game scan continues to appear after leaving a special island
  • We updated the description for “Joel's Prefab” to be clearer
  • Fixed an error between Creative and Playground when one player tried to get into the tab Team Select tab and Hamburger record
  • Better sustainability when you are getting to Support Support Creator on the Screen Start Screen
  • A case has been settled where thumbnails have lost buttons from the Screen Game Screen on the Switch
  • Fixed a bug where you're pressing Apply when you select a team without changing the team that's changed to the player 1 /


  • We fixed a case where options set for the Gaelic Playground were still being activated when they were entered into an island that had been displayed, although Options were different.
  • Players on a creative island should now have the opportunity to talk to each other before the island game starts. During the game, a chat conversation will be set in the game settings.
  • Creative island games should now continue ahead until all the players are off the island or the introductory player chooses to stop the game from the menu. Previously, the game would end if the player was starting.


Bug Changes

  • Performance-based issues when using the Sequencer Music.
  • Server-based performance issues with the highest number of players.


South Steps
Catch it in Bearre Bear! Laser down the Husks with returning Outlander.


Beta storms
Tha an t-astar cudromach! Gabh air a ’chiad deuchainn ùr de Test the Limits Beta.



Atharrachaidhean Bug

  • Chàir sinn cùis a dh'adhbhraich cluicheadairean gu bhith a ’bualadh nuair a bha iad san Leabhar Chruinneachaidh.
  • Chaidh cùis a rèiteachadh a dh ’adhbharachadh gun toireadh an Winter Llama air falbh bhon chlàr-ghnothaich ceàrr.
    • Cha tug an cuspair seo buaidh ach air Geamhradh Llamas a chaidh a thionndadh bho thiceadan Snowflake le cur air bhog v8.0
    • Fhuair a h-uile cluicheadair Llam Geamhraidh 2018 mar dhìoladh airson seo. A bharrachd air an sin, gheibh an luchd-ciùil uile a fhuair an droch-latha geamhraidh Samas mar phàirt den iompachadh 8.0 an aon shuim de Lanmas Geamhraidh ceart 2018 ann am bogsa tiodhlac san àm ri teachd.
    • Thèid na tiocaidean a bhios air fhàgail a thionndadh gu 2018 Winter Llamas

    Chàir sinn cùis a thug air cluicheadairean leantainn orra a ’tiogaid tiocaidean airson sparran-sneachda

  • Chàir sinn cùis le balla ga chuir nuair a bha thu a ’glacadh ribe bhon phiocadair-glacaidh tron ​​luchag.
  • Chàir sinn cùis le bhith a ’toirt às / a’ toirt air falbh an rud mu dheireadh anns a ’ghunna armachd / inneal-uidheam uidheamaichte, a’ cur air atharrachadh gu ball sa ath shreath de bhàr luath so-ghabhail, fiù ged a thèid armachd / ribe ùr a chur an àite an nì.
  • Chàir sinn cùis le dreach an togalaich a ’nochdadh dearg an dèidh ribe a chur air structar a th’ ann mar-thà.


  • Stoirmean Beta
    • Tilleadh an Storm Beta Data air ais
    • Dh'èist sinn ris an fhios-air-ais agad agus is urrainn don àm seo timcheall chluicheadairean bhòtadh gus am bailiùn a leigeil sìos tràth! Chan eil e a ’feitheamh gus an tig e gu tìr.
      • Bidh losgadh sìos am bailiùn tràth a ’toirt air an stoirm a dhol na bu luaithe.
    • Tha an raon-laighe a-nis na sgìre togail 1 le 1
    • Tha am balla stoirme nas fhasa fhaicinn troimhe.
  • Misean ùr Beta Storm Dearbh na crìochan.
    • Is ea tha ann an Test the Limits teachdaireachd mu bhith a ’cuairteachadh tro shreath de seicichean gus faicinn cia mheud cnap a dh’ fhaodas tu a chrìochnachadh, mar as motha de chnapan as fheàrr as fheàrr an duais duais. Bidh àm ullachaidh ann airson do chuideachadh a ’toirt a-steach na slighe bho ìre gu ìre agus an uairsin àm rèis. Dòigh sgoinneil air deuchainnean eadar-dhealaichte gaisgeach fheuchainn.
  • Stoirm Beta: Bidh Eliminate and Collect a ’cuairteachadh.
    • Tha sinn a ’cur luach air gach neach a ghabh pàirt agus a thug beachdan air ais mun eadar-dhealachadh Beta Storm seo.


  • Chaidh tab “Loadout” a chuir an àite an tab “Ability” roimhe seo, far am faic cluicheadairean fiosrachadh mun luchd-cluiche gaisgeil aca agus iad a ’cluich rùn.
  • Dh'atharraich sinn buaidh an riaghlaiche gus am faigh cothrom air fiosrachadh misean a-nis gun cum thu am putan co-cheangailte.
    • Chan eil feum aig roghainn deasachaidh airson Hero Loadouts ach ach tap den phutan co-cheangailte.
  • Lughdaich brìgh nam faclan-innealan airson uidheaman.
  • Tha Respawn At Start a-nis a ’sealltainn na h-iuchrach co-cheangailte ris nuair a tha e san stàit Down ach Not Out.
  • Faodar meudachadh de dh'ath-bheothachadh agus cabhachd a dhèanamh a-nis nuair a tha sinn a ’sgrùdadh nì a fhuaireadh bho Transform Schematic.
  • Dh'atharraich sinn a ’phutan“ glan gu h-iomlan ”anns a’ scud “Hero Loadout” airson cuideachd innealan agus glacaidhean sgioba soilleir.
  • Putan Tuairisgeul Toggle air a chuir ri pannal taghaidh Team Perk agus Gadget ann an Luchdachadh Hero.

Atharrachaidhean Bug

  • Chaidh buga a chàradh far nach biodh luchd-cluiche a bha a ’cleachdadh na Seann Sgoil no Quick Builder Controller comasach air grenades a thilgeil anns an t-sliotas treas comais.
  • Cùisean stèidhichte le rabhadh mu ghaisgeach eile leis an aon perk anns an luchd-èisteachd a ’nochdadh ann an cuid de chùisean nuair nach bu chòir dhaibh.
    • Nuair a bha an gaisgeach air a thaghadh airson sliotan aig an robh an aon perk, cha bhith e a-nis a ’rabhadh gu mearachdach gu bheil am pagach mar-thà anns an luchdachadh. Bidh seo ga dhèanamh nas fhasa a bhith an àite gaisgeach le gaisgeach ìre nas àirde no nas àirde le Cumhachd Cumhachd leis an aon ìre, bho thèid iad an sàs ann am pàirt àrd na liosta seach a bhith a ’rèiteachadh leis na taisbeanaidhean“ rabhadh ”anns a’ phàirt as ìsle den liosta .
  • Chàirich sinn am pannal airson fiosrachadh mu ghaisgich Hero airson Expeditions gus na comasan Luchd-luathachaidh ceart a shealltainn.
  • Ag atharrachadh pàillean air bann ainm Sòn gus faighinn a-mach gu bheil an cànan Càinntis ga ghearradh sìos aig a ’bhonn.
  • Chàirich e structar an ramp gus am bi an piocadair-glacaidh UI ag obair gu ceart.
  • Chàir sinn cùis a dh'adhbhraich nach d ’fhaodadh na h-ìomhaigh Guth Chat an t-ùrachadh ceart a dhèanamh nuair a bhithear a’ breabadh cluicheadair fuaim
  • Chàir sinn cùis a dh ’adhbharaich cunntasan àireimh a dh’ fhaodadh a bhith air an clàradh airson roinnean Leabhar nan Cruinneachaidhean gun a bhith air ùrachadh às deidh ath-nuadhachadh sgeamaichean àbhaisteach.
  • Chàir sinn cùis a dh'adhbhraich call smachd air geamad anns an neach-togail sliotan Transform às deidh fosgladh agus dùnadh liosta nan caraidean.
  • Chàir sinn cùis le ainm-sgriobht ainm Hero air sgròdadh le ainmean Hero anns gach cànan.
  • Gumair dìon stèidhichte Cùisean UI co-cheangailte ri bhith a ’taghadh neach-dìon bho pad eadar-dhealaichte.
  • Chàir sinn cùis a thug air cluicheadairean call meudachd lùghdachaidh nuair a chaidh a thilleadh gu an Quest Tab bhon loga quest.
  • Chàirinn mearachd coilionadh a chuireadh bacadh air cluicheadairean bho bhith a ’maidseadh ann an sònaichean gu ceart ma dh'fheuch iad ri strì a thòiseachadh bhon log quest fhad’ ann an coiteachadh mar-thà.
  • Chàir sinn cùis le samhlaidhean comas gaisgeach a ’nochdadh gu luath anns a’ bhàr luath nuair a thilgeas iad comas gaisgeach mar a thig comas eile a-mach às an fhuarachadh.
  • Tha teacsa ùine-tìm stèidhichte stèidhichte a-mach le ceudad crìochnachaidh.
  • Chàir sinn cùis far nach biodh an criathradh maidsidh ach a ’sealltainn nan gaisgich a bha co-ionann ris an sgioba nuair a bha an sgioba air a bhith gnìomhach. Tha e a-nis a ’sealltainn a h-uile gaisgeach bho chaidh an sgioba a chuir an gnìomh le gaisgich taic eile a chaidh a chuir a-steach.


  • Staredown Southie (Tilleadh)
    • Perk Coitcheann: Bear Stare
      • Tha T.E.D.D.Y a ’cur às do leusairean gach 2 dhiog, a’ dèiligeadh ri 26 Milleadh Dìth bunait
    • Comman Perk: Bear Stare +:
      • Bidh T.E.D.D.Y a ’cur às do leusairean gach 1.5 diog, a’ dèiligeadh ri 51 Damáiste Cumhachd bunasach
    • Ri fhaighinn sa Weekly Store air 13 Màrt aig 8 F rn Àm an Ear gu 20 Màirt aig 8 F rn Àm an Ear.
  • Ceithir Cat-fiadhaich (A ’tilleadh)
    • Standard Perk: Grenade Generation
      • A h-uile 45 cuidhteas, buannachd 1 Cosgais Gragade Frag.
    • Commander Perk: Grenade Generation +
      • A h-uile 20 cuidhteas, buannachd 1 Cosgais Gragade Frag.
    • Available in the Weekly Store on March 13 at 8 PM Eastern Time until March 20 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Constructor B.A.S.E can now be auto placed, just like traps.
  • Increased the base damage of Tail of the Dragon
    • Standard Perk: Increased from 18 to 26
    • Commander Perk: Increased from 45 to 64
  • All Heroes in inventory and Collection Book will be marked eligible for Item Reset.
    • Items eligible for a free unslot from the Collection Book will also be eligible for an Item Reset after they are unslotted.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which could cause Ninjas to have invisible collision with enemy Husks.
  • Fixed an issue where Bass Solo didn’t enforce its maximum elimination limit.
  • Fixed an issue where Make It Count+ displayed an incorrect tooltip value.
  • Fixed an issue where Tail of the Dragon was dealing more damage than intended
    • Was previously dealing the damage of Dragon Slash in addition to the base damage with every tick.
    • We’ve increased the damage value on Tail of the Dragon (noted above)
    • We’ve marked Snuggle Specialist Sarah as eligible for reset due to this change
  • Bass Solo now correctly shows a warning if used in a support slot for a Commander without Warcry
  • Fixed an issue where hotfixer was granting the incorrect amount of repair speed
  • Fixed an issue where Skull Ranger Ramirez and Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy played the wrong animation in the Hero Loadout screen
  • Fixed an issue where One-Two Punch never ended with some melee weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Impossibility Matrix would override the default Charge Fragment bonus
  • Fixed Bear Stare tooltips to display correct damage values.
    • Bear Stare still deals the same amount of damage, but the tooltip value is now accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where Seismic Smash was doing less damage than intended.
    • This resulted in an increase of 11 base damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Present…Arms! wasn’t granting the correct movement speed bonus as a Commander Perk
  • Parting Gift fireworks now have sound
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Keen Eyes to never turn off.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Keen Eyes visual effects to double up
  • Fixed an issue where In The Zone hit counter never reset
  • Updated Assault Ammo Recovery’s tooltip to accurately reflect its functionality.
  • Fixed an issue which was incorrectly capping the number of targets that could be hit by Frag Grenade to 8 or 12.
    • This should make “Bigger is Better” feel much more effective.
  • Updated the tooltip for Doppler Effect to indicate that it reduces the cooldown, and not the energy cost, of Shockwave.
  • Fixed an issue with Phase Shift that was causing the speed bonus to not apply consistently or correctly at times.
    • Phase Forward and Phase Shift run speed bonus should now stack with In the Zone properly
    • Phase Forward+ now correctly applies the bonus 10% run speed as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Anti-Material Charge with Strike Cost couldn’t be activated with less energy than the standard pickaxe heavy attack requires.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Anti-Material Charge wouldn’t hit enemies who were too close.
  • Fixed an issue where Outlanders could interrupt Anti-Material Charge and end up in a broken state.
  • Fixed an issue where T.E.D.D.Y. couldn’t spawn if any player was nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where BOOM B.A.S.E. buff was not being removed after B.A.S.E was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Electrified floors was doing the same damage at commander and hero level
  • Fixed an issue where Endless Smoke was bigger than intended at commander and hero level
    • Was previously making the radius of Smoke Bomb 380% bigger at hero and commander level instead of 186%
    • We’ve marked Infiltrator Ken as eligible for reset due to this change


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused items to get put into overflow when you use the item reset feature.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain weapon tooltips to not display weapon-specific buffs correctly. This affects the Guardian’s Will, Lead Sled, Six Feet Under, Smasher Basher, Spectral Blade, and Walloper.
  • Fixed bug where Yeoman sniper rifle spawned extra projectile impact particles in some scenarios.
  • Fixed the Space Pistol dealing damage multiple times per shot to the Storm King


  • Re-Implemented how Nature Husks function.
    • No longer deals damage over time
    • No longer applies a 3 second effect removing 6 Energy every second, for a total of 18 Energy.
    • Now applies a 2 second effect which removes 6 Energy on hit, and 6 Energy per second for 2 seconds, for a total of 18 Energy.
    • Now applies standard Energy Regen Lockout for 2 seconds the same way abilities do.
    • Damage vs Metal structures has been unaffected
    • This should provide a more consistent experience when encountering Nature Husks.
  • Improved Blaster headshot hitbox when shooting at him from the side.

Bug Fixes

  • Proximity mines now have correct explosion upgrade radius.
    • The Trigger radius now scales up with each explosion radius upgrade
  • Fixed Missions that would load into Lakeside slightly rotated, causing building issues around them.
  • Storm Chest now drops both loot presents correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Frozen Smashers were still being able to damage players while charging.
  • Fixed an issue where the Teleporter Gadget could appear invisible for players joining games in progress or reconnecting to a game.
  • Fixed an issue for Frenzied effects remaining on Beehive Husk helmets and Sploder tanks after the Frenzied effect wears off.


  • New: UI – Added support for player surveys.

Bug Fixes

  • Deadzone Menu; Fixed an issue where the initial values on PS4 and Xbox didn’t match the circle size.
  • Fixed a stepping precision issue with the quantity selection slider that gets used when recycling/transferring/dropping multiple items for resources with large values.


  • When in a party or team your Team Members are now shown in the Social Panel!


  • Scalability levels which disable Ambient Occlusion now reduce SkyLight intensity. This makes lighting contrast between shadowed and lit areas more consistent across scalability levels.


Want to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here.

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