Patras: Sorry suggestions! He threatened to go into the empty! video


Published: 21.03.2019 | 23:08

Newsit News

Finally, all in Patra, the man is making his own suicide threat, believing and coming from the top of a flats block.

A security warning warning will be sent to the Authorities in Patras on Thursday evening, March 21, 2019, after a person has gone up to building buildings with a platform and entered the empty!

The man threatened to destroy himself from a building which is situated at the junction of the streets of Maizonos and Zamis in Patras.

Police and firemen with three carriages and an ambulance were found directly on the site.

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Patra – Finally, good

Fortunately, the alarm came a little later. The victim was forced to commit the suicide and descended from the summit.

Immediately afterwards it was carried by an EKAB ambulance and along with a patrol to the FPNC psychiatric clinic.


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