Patricia Bullrich and Martín Ocampo for work in the River said – 11/26/2018


The Ministers of Security of Nation and the Independent City of Buenos Aires, Patricia Bullrich and Martín Ocampo, respectively, Defines this Monday to be convicted in the federal courts of Avenida Comodoro Py for failing the security work which came from the events and blocked her & # 39; final of the Libertadores Cup which lasted the last Saturday River Plate and Boca Juniors conflict in the Monumental stadium of Núñez neighborhood.

The complaint was recorded by the lawyer Fabian Bergenfeld, for thirteen years ago, to represent family members of the people who suffered the name "Cromañón tragedy", with him and her. neighborhood bar Once one has 194 people died, and supportive River Plate, according to social networks and reinforced by the complainant itself Clarin.

With lottery, the legal show of Bergenfeld was based in the empty empty court in Comodoro Py, on the 5th, ending at the end of the month; introduced Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi and from 1 December he will be responsible for Ariel Lijo until he or she accepts the claim to be a judge on his / her; That court was elected by the Council of his Schoolmaster and President Mauricio Macri already listened to the agreement in the Assembly, which is well done before the end of the year, according to the Parliament's sources.

This is María Eugenia Capuchetti, a Home Office Officer who was in the Public Prosecutor who knew how he would work in the federal courts of Comodoro Py and the daughter of the daughter of the president of the historical security of the Society Argentine Football (AFA), who was a general commissioner of Federal Police Alberto Capuchetti.

Bergenfeld He also stated that he was Head of Home Security, Marcelo D 'Alessandro, Deputy Chief of Police. Bhaile, Gabriel Berard, and chief Argentine Navy Chief Executive (PNA), Eduardo Scarzello. The crimes are reported authority breach and misuse and the breach of duties of a public officer.

The lawyer argued in the criminal complaint that the officers did not preserve; active protocol for this type of settings, such as not to fit the appropriate fences, and also to; connecting the attack to the Boca site by attacking a previous day in the Barrabrava Head House in which River Investigation began to investigate; removing 7 million pesos and 300 tickets for their game.

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