Patricia Bullrich Elisa Carrió responded and warned him: "Macri is supporting the new protocol" – 12/12/2018


The Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, defended his & her; a new protocol that gives more powers to federal forces and said that the support of President Mauricio Macri is supported. In addition, he responded to the objections of Elisa Carrió: "It's not a fascist protocol."

"We have talked to the President for more than a year and he is support him. It is believed that this is a # 39; help to clarify the issues in which Justice has been illegally convicted of police officers executed according to their duty, "said the minister to Todo News.

In this way, Bullrich expanded: "We got a lot of police and weapons from that situation that they were convicted as criminals and lost, because we explained what behavior was: they were protecting the citizen. " the affairs of the soldiers Luis Chocobar and Carla Céspedes.

On the controversial statements of Elisa Carrió, who had confirmed that we do not want to go to fascinating, Bullrich said: "I do not want to argue with Carrió. The protocol is not fasanasach. It is a rule that is based on the agreements Argentina has signed as a country. We will make a copy of the United Nations regulations. "

He said: "It seems to me that there was no deep reading on this rule ".

In terms of their ability to adjust the configuration; going through Congress, as Carrió asked in a letter on their social networks, his minister succeeded: "If there is not enough protocol for each force, we put it up and set up a protocol the Ministry. I am willing to go to Congress. If you are going to give a loyal framework for Armed activities, welcome it. Whenever it protects its & # 39; societies and protecting the agents in the use of weapons. "And he wanted more: "If Carrió takes me to the Conference, I will go tomorrow."

The officer also spoke about the security policies made by Buenos Aires's warden, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: "We discussed how consistency between exhibitors and distribution rights is." And after indicating that Buenos Aires president should "create a policeman", he left a recommendation for his & her; A "hardship" view that the Police of the Town showed in a protest from exhibitors in the " Constitution.

The minister found that the "new" protocol and said he was not " allows agents to work alongside the risk of death. "When a police officer is a police officer, he should not go through the courthouse. I should not be in prison or half a day"

The settlement of 956/18, signed on November 27 with Bullrich, provides that a firearm will be used when they are; fulfilling its duty "when non-violent methods are ineffective." In this way, the agents will be able to immersion without preaching any loud or inaccurate voice.

According to a report signed by Mariel Fornoni, director of M & F, 59.2% of respondents agree with their official step, compared to a 39.6% refusal. It's a topic that's a # 39; Creating strong controversies and only 1.2% liked to # 39; give a comment.

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