Paul at her Phiano, Kaupers and Busulis at her & # 39; Starting Cinema and Music Theater Microphone


The artists were based on the memory trails, watching films such as "The Theater", "The Long Way in the Dunes", "Wella's Servants," "What happened to the dead "," Homo Novus "," Pavel – MacMartin "and many others.

Ojārs Rubenis, CEO of the "Cinema and Theater Music" concert, has been promoting these concerts as a great conversation with writers, musicians, singers and musicians who have a great deal. enjoyed a lot.

"A cinema and theater music, in my opinion, is an essential part of the visual emotional appearance. Often, when we look at the story, we did not; We recognize it. And still for a moment, let us know that there are no sound scores … in Latvia, this rich tradition has a traditional tradition, from old man Janis Ivanovs and Maris Zarins to the new tunes. And, indeed, Raimonds Pauls, who has created hundreds of medals for cinema and drama, and often has his music as a business card for a special job. So we'll start to & # 39; a new tour in the Dzintari Music Hall with music, "a & # 39; emphasizes Rubenis.

Then, Dzintari's director of Kaissars Guntars Exhibitions tells of a new concert concert: "We often hear – one is a theater in life, or – in a & # 39; life is everything in a cinema. But music is an integral part of each cinema and theater. Music is the person who lives in an independent world Even when the show is not played now and the films are released. Our stories are about talents, talented writers and actors – "then" and "today", and indeed about cinema and drama.

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