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There are some the beginning of the move in Levski as a club. For the final European final it was at the time Nasrak Sirakov and Stanimir StoilovIn the south There were tons, there were different "facts", but the truth is obvious to those who are not considered and those who see them beyond their nose. After that, the basin was very big, long-term settlement with Gerena, and millions of the European League and UEFA came after years of poor governance and poor governance.

Blue Blue welcomed Pavel Kolev in Levski

Here's what they have written on the Trust page

The "Blues" is not close to a team of simbiosis clubs, as happened to the latest news but yesterday Pavel Kolev employs a desire for improvement and changeSouth West At least a small light in the tunnel. Here is the time to open a bracket to take account of the positive impact of hosting government supporters, because their credit for this move from Spas Rusev is a small minority component. There is more concern that many years are happening in most of the Levski, thanks to them, even though it seems to be enough; club.

I do not hide my personal allocation Ultimately, Levski stopped them at a man outside their clichéThen, Bulgaria is among the few countries where you are normal to be a football player before Thursday, and from Friday to put on a director's clothing and start "running ". For nearly ten years In Levski the law is to give dependence to the roles that depend on the most unplanned peopleSouth West From a sports director to a coach. Usually as you want, you just need to restore the failure.

The good news is that Gerena is feeling unhappy; The club can be a starting school. This is the definition of recruitment Pavel Kolev, who has nothing to do with the normal football managerS-E-E does not include the amazing idea of ​​a football player, except the rule because he does not hear such an expression "he did not put away himself", most of her abilities, with or without words, are yours.

He knows languages, he knows and has been at the highest international level, such as UEFA. Education, cadre … His cover is formally co-directed for the Director of Levsky.

Everything we do is to find out if a strong new Gerena is able to swim in front of todayThe Post-Because there are underwater stones and many of them, and there is no room for reconciliation. Especially in reforms.

Spas Rusev: The Pavel Kolev le Levski contract will come into effect on January 1, 2019

Spas Rusev: The Pavel Kolev le Levski contract will come into effect on January 1, 2019

"I expect it to be a full rest of the club"

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