Pawe³ Wąse was happy. After a while, the listener was dripping


From Sundays to Sundays in Oberstdorf, two three-way trips will be waiting. There are three competitions, the first one in exchange for one of the prisons in Titisee-Neustadt at the beginning of the season. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 14.45 Supporters will be played, and at 4pm there will be competitions (broadcasting in Eurosport, live broadcasting at Poland is represented by: Kamil Stoch, Piotr ¯y³a, Dawid Kubacki, Stefan Hula, Jakub Wolny and Pawe³ W ± sek. The second one of those days back is the sixth place for M1 young people in Lahti. Stefan Horngacher decided instead of Maciej Kot, who will be trained in Poland by Zbigniew Klimowski.

£ ukasz Jachimiak: Do not be afraid of Paweł Wąka when there are times in Oberstdorf?

Maciej Maciusiak: No, after all, this must be the first time. Paweł will surely have respect for the ski skiing, but it's fortunate that Oberstdorf's ski jump is a skinny from every competing morning for the competitors. It's the most suitable for the first time. I think it will be scared after its first pause to Paweł, and it can focus on technical issues, not just on. worried. Because he is sure he is frightened. Fear is the sense of every player. If someone says it's not, it's lying. Of course, it's not a frightening thing, just you do not know what it is doing. Paweł will definitely be focused and after it's First jump for recognition, the second one goes to the top. I'm very pleased to get another chance in the World Cup. First at home, not at Polish competitions. It's a great start in the Cup Cup, it's a great chance. I think Paul will use it.

It is difficult to agree that the Oberstdorf hill is not the most terrible thing of every morning, but if the last year's World Championships on airfields it's also dangerous. Do you remember the snowstorm and her & # 39; coming as hard ashore and even Kamil Stoch near falling down?

– If we think this way, it will appear that each hill is dangerous. Any place under ill health contracts can be dangerous. We will take Kuusamo, where the ski jump is excellent for training, if it's quiet. But this is rare. Last year I went there with the young people for the European Cup, and I was afraid. Paweł was scared too. It's like Iron Mountain. But it is also different in Zakopane. We remember how Jan Mazoch fell. Each hill is unpleasant when it blows. Nothing thinks that Oberstdorf is particularly difficult now. It should be normal, good.

Morag resumed the 90-meter youth competitions. Can Oberstdorf has a difficult job, not just because of fright, but also due to technical issues that need to be changed, leading to a hill where it flies more than 100 meters more?

– There is usually a paweł jump. If the 90-meter or mamot object, the most important technical issues must be maintained. On the other hand, good results will not be achieved. But Pawe³, just with her current practice, is the biggest opportunities for a good flight on a plane than on a large or large hill.

Why? What makes it sustainable?

– It's going a little too much after coming out of the doorstep. Sharp does not just go to it, it will not cover it. And on the mountain, Mamoth, it will be a bonus, if everything is done well.

Is Wąsy a technical jump like Vikings?

– You could say that. Each player will jump slightly different, but it's like something like that.

The idea of ​​the beginning of Wąska in Oberstdorf came from Stefan Horngacher? The Lord was not cited and he did not recommend that the boy was in shape and maybe he would; worth it?

– Indeed no. On Paweł's side, I had completely different plans. Stefan named me on Monday, they said they were speaking in the staff and they wanted Pawe³ to start in Oberstdorf. He asked what I said, and I agreed immediately. But now I asked Stefan to give me five minutes, then I would go to it; talk to Paweł. We know the need to consult the same as its first source on its & # 39; shocked by the player.

How do these consultations look like? Paweł agreed again that, in opposition to the Lord, was to prevent him?

– The situation was amazing. I introduced him so I said he was going to Oberstdorf for the World Cup. He was very happy and I was a bit amazing. Within a few minutes, I realized that it did not seem to have been flying an airplane. So I say: "Paul, these are aircraft." And in her wool; it became quiet. He gave Paul a moment to talk. Really respected. And on Tuesday at a training, I made a laugh, that everything was wrong with him, that the 4-Bean Competition is currently and the second is not in the calendar.

He will replace Maciej Kot in the team. He knows Mr Maæka – before Horngacher came to him, he was withdrawn – if he wanted to do training not only by Zbigniew Klimowski, but also with the Lord, would you like to be?

– In fact it is.

The Lord also thinks that it is best to leave a plane by mistake as the cat will; do? Turning in the air, in mamoth it would be particularly dangerous?

– On the one hand, there is, there is a danger of falling. But it's in every jump, on a small hill, and on the mamoth. In any case, it's a good time to work with Maæk, because of it. there is a problem. Especially in the first phase of the plane. I think it would not allow him to achieve good results. And that was crucial and without fear of falling.

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