Pay Price for the PlayStation Logo on PS4 Hard Drive as licensed


Sony works with Seagate to introduce a new new outdoor PlayStation 4 hard drive to store shelves – or you can only build the non-special version for a few smaller bucks. The new 2TB game game seems to have been "hardly proven and better done" for PS4 – simply plugging it to the " communication via USB, and allows you to store up to 50 new games.

Seagate PS4 External Hard Drive 4
Seagate PS4 External Hard Drive 3

There is a big blog of PlayStation Blog that explains why the bees are laughed, but in particular it's just just an outside HDD with the PlayStation logo in the corner. Even more amazing, this licensing module is set for sale for $ 89.99 in the United States, but you can buy the "unofficial" version for less from Amazon:

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Every snark is by side, this is a nice hDD that looks plug-and-play and external power is not needed. Perhaps you're thinking to & # 39; go to the unreaded version if you do not. Use the PlayStation logo indeed.

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