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The aim of eliminating paying for state health insurance was part of the abolition of full-time salaries. What's next?

The proposal relating to the redevelopment of the public health insurance system was unusual, with only one of the working drafts. However, the planned intention to combine these two issues makes sense and also removes the impact on cuts in tax revenues in the state budget. I was surprised by the hard convictions, without any dispute.

I think the reviews did not detail the content of the proposal and the changes in detail. It is a misconception that it merely stops the elimination. Other political discussions decide how to continue.

Why do you think the auditors did not understand the proposal?

There is a high income tax in our country. This will be confirmed by international comparisons. Among OECD countries, the Czech Republic has paid more than 43% of its prices and taxes. The world average is around 10 per cent lower. That is why the Švarc system, which surrounds their employment relations, is so dangerous in our country.

Then there is no money in retirement and in the health system. The health department is then repaired with a special other payment, called the state insurance payment. In fact, we are merely adapting resources from the more economical part of our economy to taxes, taxes and taxes. In fact, this system is unique in Europe.

But I want the system of taxes and work taxes to be as simple as possible. That is why we left Czech wars in the form of state insurance payments and excessive salaries. It would make health funding more transparent, it could solve staff and most traders.

Unfortunately, before the plan was discussed at an inter-disciplinary level, some of those parts went through light without politics. So before we had the opportunity to properly introduce him, some of his parts had been endlessly political. This is truth.

So what is the income tax and what health insurance do you pay for your intention?

The amount of income tax as per proposal is 15 per cent of total salary, whatever action taken. For staff, this represents 5.1 per cent fewer taxes than the current effective rate of 20.1%.

B & # 39, the second part of the plan is the write off of the insurance cover stopped and for the loss of this loss through increased health insurance cover for staff and self-employed at 3.7 per cent. Employers would still pay nine per cent for their employees.

It is straightforward that everyone assesses that staff will get 1.4 per cent of the total salary, and therefore a member of staff on average modern wages would have grown t about CZK 6000 per year. In cases of self-employment, a higher health insurance lump would be balanced by the ability to use a flat tax called what is called a flat tax. In addition to the social and health insurance allowance, CZK's personal income tax would include the monthly residential tax.

As a result, the state's financial state would cost 32 billion crowns. How do you want to install these resources to?

The simplification and clarity of the system and the tax step allow people to recover more money slowly into the economy. Over time, consumption increased and so increased the range of tax duties or VAT.

And in times of economic recession?

The main savings source must be measures at the expense of the state. That is why I have been seeking long-term savings in ministerial activity and in reducing the number of civil servants. And also regenerating the difficult and expensive system of social benefits to serve those who need it. These are billions where possible, if the state is recognized and decreased, we can leave people in the rafters.

According to researchers, your proposal suggests that the health system should be shifted to four million people who are economically active… t

In an itemized payment for the state, there is a misconception that another well outside the normal state of health care – being paid health – is the state budget. However, it is also funded by taxes, the majority with the economically active population. If it is paid by residents who are economically active the truth is hidden hidden.

Therefore, the proposal not only highlights the current system of funding health care and shows that they are the way they are, but also the reality. elimination of annual pay level settlement from the state budget. It certainly does not mean the state budget entirely outside health care funding.

Therefore, a system of links within the project provided a sufficient resource to fund expenditure if unforeseen circumstances and events occurred. Above all, we count counting the burden of health insurance companies, which would automatically create funds in strong years of economic development, so that they could attend a less favorable year for the economy.

Therefore, the system would not be subject to cuts in the state budget or zero or low rise in payments for state insured people, as was common practice in previous government years. The new system would continue to explain clearly and make the funding of health income clear and at the same time provide more sustainable funding than at present.

Can you confirm if your proposal is met, would policy owners, such as dependent children, pensioners, and mothers on maternity leave be paid for their own health care?

Of course, no. I cannot think that this element of loyalty would not keep up. We didn't think about it for a second.

The Czech Republic has a tax-free tax rules, changes are still happening. Isn't it time to stop them?

Especially for income tax, there are many changes, which is true. But when I look at the beginner of the changes, the Ministry of Finance only began a small part. Changes will normally occur as a result of the recommendations made by the MEPs themselves. As a rule, these “political” proposals regulate different exclusions, so trying to take advantage of a particular group of taxpayers.

Another body of change is the change in tax legislation to change other laws under the responsibility of other ministers, whether tax laws make or work elsewhere. And many changes are also being encouraged by the EU's membership of the Czech Republic, when we need to translate European guidelines into our national legislation or to respond to the new EU Court of Justice law.

However, I would like to agree with the statement that there is unstable taxation rules. If we look at our tax system in terms of the sustainability of the structural elements or their regulatory rules, our tax environment is relatively stable.

In addition, in accordance with the Scottish Government's policy statement, the Finance Ministry is seeking to help clarify all changes by making changes to the format of taxation rates to which they are known, ie short changes. a number of tax rules.

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