PC Revue | The new Google platform lets you play easily anywhere in Chrome


Google at GDC (Games Development Conference) celebrates its latest enterprise, the live stream service called Stadia, to be launched this year. Players don't need high-performance GPUs and expensive systems to use it, Sun Pichai notes that the service will be available on Chrome devices and on the internet.

This means that measures will be run on desktop, laptops, televisions, tablets and telephones. It works on platforms, so you will not be limited to competition alone at other Stadia users. Google's announcement is a bit of a surprise, the company launched a pilot program last year, called Project Stream, which will allow players to feed Odassey in a web browser to 1080p and 60fps.

Initially, Stadia supports 4K at 60fps with surrounding sound and HDR. It is also said to work on 8K 120fps support. Details of surrounding data are not yet known.

The company also demonstrated a special driver Stadia, but will also be able to use third-party drivers or keyboard and mouse. When it's hard on Google, Google works with AMD to create a high-quality GPU for its software to handle 10.7 teraflops, recover over GPUs Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

In terms of games, Google has a huge platform for mobile games on the Android operating system, but it doesn't have a strong backdrop for desktop computers, except the scattering effort on the PC. However, there may be advantages to YouTube Gaming and its large information center infrastructure.

Users will be able to move directly from YouTube to the game without downloading, just by clicking on Play Now. Google says that this process can only last 5 seconds. It is certain that the term technology has a good reason to move players from Windows computers to light systems.

Thinking about chromebooks and something other than classical Mines can be vulnerable. And you think you could already do all of your devices. There are no details yet on the commencement date and prices, and I may be able to find out more about the I / O conference.

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