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SINGAPORE – Children from three schools before PCF Sparkletots have revealed symptoms of food poisoning, a PCF spokesman on Thursday (28 March) said that only one day after the authorities had announced that they had reported analysis of a litter sample in four other centers.

The four centers mentioned are on Wednesday at Blocks 210, 270, 290A and 298B Sengkang Central.

Thursday, PCF spokesman said two other centers located at Blocks 262A and 208 Sengkang Central, as well as the PCF Sparkletots pre-school at Punggol North, had children on display of food poisoning symptoms.

This brings the total number of centers with children affected by seven.

The Ministry of Health also announced that the number of reported cases had gone up to 184f on Wednesday, from 109 previously.

Nine of the cases are in stable condition in hospital.

The spokesman said that PCF is closely involved with the parents of children affected and that it is keeping an eye on the children's situation.

PCF will continue to provide appropriate support to all parties affected, it has said.

On Wednesday, a pre-school worker said there were 11 centers attended by Kate & Catering, the food provider associated with the event in the first four centers.

PCF keeps an eye on the situation in four other centers, and it helps the authorities with their scrutiny.

It has also halted provider services in all 11 centers for an indefinite period, prepared to cater for food delivered by a qualified cook within the currently works.

The authorities were informed about the first round of issues on Friday (22 March), and examined the providers' premises on the same day.

On Monday, however, information was given on additional organizations, giving the National Environment Agency (NEA) the order to warn Kate's supplies to halt their work from March, to resume the work on t investigated by the Singapore Food and Medicines Authority (AVA), the Ministry of Health and NEA.

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