PCs will appoint the leader of a controversial head of OPP while & # 39; and is examined on election


The government of Ontario said that it was "honoring" the request of the OPP commissioner who is " come in to delay his post while the whole area commissioner will review the position of his election.

The Toronto police authority. Ron Taverner, an old 51-year-old force of the force and long-term family friend for Doug Doug Ford, has been appointed as the next OPP commissioner last month. It was appointed on Monday.

In his request, emailed to Sylvia Jones, community safety minister and correction services, Taverner stated that he made the decision "out of their greatest respect for men and warriors of Ontario Police Police. "

Jones said in a statement that the government has taken its decision.

"Although Mr Taverner has a strong confidence in Mr Taverner, we will respect his request for delays in his role, so that the commissioner will be honestly reviewing the election process," said Jones.

Earlier this week, Brad Blair's interim OPP Commissioner requested the Scottish Ombudsman to examine Taverner's election in a letter that was written by: feeling. The 32-year-old lawyer said his trial was killed by "political mediation issues."

Taverner did not qualify for his or her first place, but Ford's government has acknowledged that it has reduced the requirements for its work to attract a wider range of candidates.

Out of the 27 candidates, Blair – who applied for the job itself – was that there were only four people, meet the original threshold requirements.

But the ombudsman left the request of the Battle. Blair has recently lodged a claim, asking the Ombudsman's Ontario court to convince Paul Dubé to investigate. Blair's legal adviser Julian Falconer said the ombudsman believes that the guidance needs to be done. Checking to come from the main cabinet.

Blair offered a separate degree as interim commissioner while the review was complete. On Saturday, it was reported that Deputy Commissioner OPP Gary Couture would be accepted as long as the commissioner is integrity of his & her; look at the Taverner selection.

Couture will take a temporary order on Monday, according to Falconer, to give some information about the translating in a conference spokesperson with Saturday afternoon reporters.

Blair does not mourn any step & # 39;

In a statement, Blair said he would be "very supportive" of Couture, saying that he did not "mourn any step" he took in the last week.

"I still need to ensure that the Ontario District Police has a strong reputation for unemployment. This is a credit, coupled with our service independence, which gives us the most Better for keeping a rule of law, "Blair continued.

His role as commissioner, traffic safety and operational support for Ontario District Police will be resigned to Blair Blair. (Ontario District Police)

His lawyer, Falconer, said that despite the improvements, Blair would continue with his legal case until the ombudsman had launched his own review. Falconer said that the ombudsman's office powers are "far higher" than those of their commissioner in integrity, and will develop a "stronger, more independent" report.

"We need the ombudsman to do his job," said Falconer.

Taverner did not respond for an opinion from CBC News.

Prime denied denial of interest

On his part, Ford has been denied that he attempted to influence the election process.

"We are friends. I am friends with thousands of people," said Ford last week, saying he was in the meeting of his cabinet who took up the post.

As the story has made improvements, however, Ford has avoided sending questions from publishers at public events.

In a statement, the NDP Chief Executive Andrea Horwath stated that the delays suggest that concerns about political invasion "have been established.

"We can not allow Mr Ford to put the trust and integrity of the OPP at risk," Horwath, the head of the division's official challenge.

The NDP has called for a non-party emergency election committee to examine its own case.

Similarly, Horwath has asked that the RCMP take a step to verify a Battle claim that its OPP's capital office has not been able to & # 39; Buying a "camper" vehicle used for Ford designations. Bought to be "off the books," according to Blair.

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