PCs will file & # 39; A Liberative campaign in dealing with the failing company land


Ches Crosbie's leading Conservative Chief seeks his / her principal minister to investigate one of his ministers, over the comments made by Steve Crocker in the legislation relating to the sale of Crown land to a numbered company.

"If I was a key one, I would have a big worry about a minister in my cabinet who is getting the House or who is completely incapable," said Crosbie in a press release .

In last year's query, the Challenges asked Crocker about the affairs of his department by a company that wanted to buy land; Crown near Gushue Highway Team for a year ago.

Crocker told the legislation on November 14. "There was no guidance for selling this land."

But the Conservatives left emails received by receiving their information they say to; oppose these ideas.

Write a Transport and Jobs officer by email within November 2017 "My order was sold to 80521 N.L. Ltd. by Wednesday."

The same enumeration company came to an end to buy land in the White Hills area of ​​St. John, where Canopy Growth is in a position; Building a cannabis production facility with government support.

Crosbie thinks he's a smoking gun in the e-mail.

"There is now a written evidence that a cam scheme has been running behind Liberal supporters," he said in the press release on Thursday.

E-mail shows a government worker saying that it was ordered to sell out rods near Mews Place to the only numbered company involved in the company; Canopy Growth contract. (Newfoundland and Labrador Government)

The e-mail address does not indicate the person who gave any order.

Commercial land sales did not sell – Crosbie said it had been suspended by public officials who had been worried about the lack of a public appeal process.

The emails do not show a definitive cause why it has not been done, but it has shown that there are drainage issues.

The Canopy Growth business has made a dispute at House of the Asset.

"Anyone who sees these documents should not have any doubts about the need to contact the inspector to investigate the affairs of a Member of Parliament with Canopy Growth and its # 39 ; a numbered company, "said Crosbie in the news.

"Everything about this is happening".

It is expected that Crocker will speak to Thursday afternoon reporters.

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