PDI analyzed the search of two groups in the Las Compañías de La Serena National sector


PDI staff investigate the discovery found by two people in the Las Companies department, in the La Serena community.

The search was made by passengers by 13:00 a.m. near a sports tour in the department, which warned Customs officers.

To the place, located on the street Islón le Aurora Road in Chile, the police came and confirmed that the two had died.

The complainant left the duty to investigate the case that was over the case Handicraft of the PDI.

According to the old ones, the two dead men would have been found by travelers in a type of ruco, where they could stay all night, because there were two people in a state setting.

"Instead, the specialists have been successful, as an external study of the two bodies, could eventually be established there are no elements or proofs that have a proof of third party action, because the victims of the victims did not suffer, "said the rebellious Cristian Lobos, head of La Serena Handicraft.

The body of the deceased was transferred to the Legal Medical Service, to achieve the co-fitting autopsy and to determine the purpose of his death in detail.

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