PDI is a group searching that would & # 39; including protection for attacks later on in Santiago National


Investigating Police researchers held security of security of Theater; Baile, because they said they were hunting 30 million pesos in a harbor parking car, take place early Monday morning in the Santiago society.

According to the investigation, the accused person would be a director of a selected group for the inclusion of security personnel in trading centers that, handle large amounts of money.

A series of business items The Investigating Police brought one of the suspects involved in the millions of people who had been in suspicion. A celebration that influenced the Municipal Theater at Monday morning. where the money is stolen from the warehouses in the parking lot and the damage made in the area, adding up to 96 million pesos in total.

According to its first known statements, it was on 31 December when a band was entered into the playground to frighten the guards in that area and, with the method of oxyfuel, reaching around 30 million pesos in money, and later to escape from the place.

According to the informal Guillermo Namor, chief of the Robos Centro Norte Research Brigade, the PDI investigated from October a shorter group that included security staff in retail centers, to obtain information and thus plan the crimes.

It is in this context that one of the security guard at the Municipal Museum parking is designated, as is responsible for issuing benefits, so to help to commit crime on.

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