PDI took them in Ercilla: the Warranty Court Angol warred for arresting the Lonko crime


Officers of Angol Police Research (PDI) were arrested in two community members who were involved in lonco crime, Jua de Dios Mendoza Lebu, in an event that took place within the Pillán community, in Ercilla, on night 31 December

Depending on what has happened, the warrant against two men was dismissed with the Angol Guarantee Court following the local procurator's office to be able to; delivering the petition separately after a collection of backgrounds, which included interviewing neighbors and locals, according to Radio Bio Bio.

In this way, PDI staff visited a nearby community where the lonco was living, and, find out where the victims involved were killed, which appears to have been started in previous objections between the person who was ill and its victims.

Now, the two carers will be presented to the Angol Guarantee Court, where the Center's Office is expected to be formally unlawful for handling crime, as well as trying to prevent them every member of the community.

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