Peace with the Palestinians continues to be normal with the Arab world – PNN


Prime Minister Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, went out to the partners at the Warsaw Conference last week, when he said, if Israel would "get formal peace" with the Palestinians, he would help "greatly "To establish relations with the Arab world.

Netanyahu said, according to a voice record of his comments in a closed meeting and a number of foreign ministers, including Arabs, broadcast by Israeli public radio "have been" today, Sunday, "progress is now on this issue, and that this builds confidence in the Israeli community that wider peace can be achieved"

Netanyahu's statements are coming at a time when she is in a while. Political case remains unidentified due to crime investigations against epidemic charges. In addition, there will be any consensus that can be done. refused to reach an agreement with the Palestinians. His right partners are to establish a Palestinian state and have rejected US peace plan Although information is not yet clear.

Netanyahu commented on the launch of a peace plan on the launch of the US Government's Donald Trump plan, known as "Century Deal". "No-one should reject the Trump plan before being put forward. We wait for Israel to see full details of this plan," which is expected to be issued after the general Israeli elections, which will take place on April 9.

"Indeed, we wait to see how the plan looks final. And it will be launched after the elections in Israel. You can think that the elections to & # 39; I have been taking a while now … But I do not think that anyone of us should refuse their plan and reject this campaign for US administration before they do review it. "

Netanyahu referred to messages between Israel and a Saudi state in Chamas, who do not have diplomatic relations with Israel and are led through Mossad and his / her. National Security Council in the Netanyahu office. "It was used to believe there is a one-way peace," he said. Israel wants peace or an uptake to the wider Arab world, peace needs to be with the Palestinians. And since the Palestinians did not succeed, we engaging in Arab peace, "describing Israel's incapacity to engage relations with Arab nations to their people as a result of the struggle between Israel and Palestine.

"We will meet with Arab leaders, with Arab foreign ministers, and talk about the ability to move and air in the Middle East," he said, describing Saudi Arabia's agreement for to cross the airplane. At an airport connected to Israel.

"Conflicts will not solve their difficulties on the problems in the department, but it will start the way that reduces their minds and takes a step to make stronger and more visible cooperation between countries, "said Saudi Minister Saudi Adel al-Jubeir, according to the records.

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