Pedestrians pumped under OC Transpo bus


CTV Ottawa

Published on Sunday, December 9, 2018 4:23 PM EST

Last updated Sunday 9 December 2018 6:12 PM EST

One from Ottawa says she is lucky to live tonightly after the OC Transpo bus has been hit in the south of her home. An eye-catching video capturing the aftermath of the horrible disaster that showed that the woman was long-assisted; She was crying for help.

"It's been the worst thing ever before. I tried to catch my leg, people around me started, put something around my leg to stop I was suffering from blood. When I hit my leg, I could feel that my skin was not there. "

Leila Giama, who is 26 years old, says she was crossing the street after he went down on her; bus when Paul Anka and Uplands Drive were going when the bus turned off suddenly and sank it.

From her bed at Ottawa Civil Hospital, William spoke on her phone with CTV News, remembers the disaster, saying that a bus driver did not see it long. crossing the road.

"He did not wait for some reason and he did not see him going across the street, so he turned right and ran over me." Alex said, a driver The bus then says "I did not see you, I did not see I'll see you!"

Ottawa Police confirm that they are research and narrative, OC Transpo said:

"We can prove that an event will be happening in the communication between pedestrians and bus last night. Research is ongoing. For more information, contact Ottawa Police Services." According to the Treaty of Troy Charter Director Operations .

Leila's sister, Yasmin Giama, ran to the times after it happened; steps from their home.

"I heard from a friend that someone was hit by a bus … And I was" right at the front of our building, that's crazy "and then I got a call and my sister was & # 39; there, "said Yasmin Giama.

Leila and her family say they are really shocked because they did not hear anything from OC Transpo; which expects the driver to be accountable.

"Your bus driver was running over someone on the phone … And you have not yet been contacted to see if I'm okay," said Giama.

Bus riders in the area say they are not surprised to hear about the disaster.

"Some of us get off their buses and the bus wants to turn it into the corner, even though we're going to start forward so we need a step back, "said Caroline Taylor.

Giama recognizes that she is lucky that she has not been seriously injured, "and maybe I had been in paralysis or worse, and I may have been dead. "

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