Pedestrians will die after being run over an interchangeable bus at Burnaby


The police look for witnesses to; hitting the crash of a fatal walker who includes a bus transit at Burnaby on Thursday night.
Invasive emergency teams from wounded pedestrians at 6 Street and 16 Street including a transit bus on Thursday. Dealbh Le Curtis Kreklau, Southern Fraser News Services

Emergency teams were called 6th and 16th Ave at about 7 p.m. For reports, a bus has had an impact on walkers.

When they arrived, they found a woman pushed behind the bus pass, according to the help fire, Chief Executive Dave Younger.

Firefighters pointed out that the bus was turning to the left when hitting it; woman, who had been going across the street, he said.

"It was dark and wet," he said.

Women's raisins and firemanships did not appear until they appeared but they did not; can revitalize them, according to Youth.

The police stopped the 6th Street between 15 Avenue and 17th Avenue for a long time.

RCMP is now calling for anyone who has seen the accident calling them at 604-646-9999, and The number of police files number 2018-54423.

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