Pedro Calado praises makers “in a hugely important year at hotel level” t


The vice-president of the Provincial Government made a point about highlighting the work done by makers on Madeira, as they engage with those visiting the area and further afield. . “Our tolerance has allowed us to cross,” said Pedro Calado, who was present today at a inauguration ceremony of the Barmen Association of Madeira governing bodies.

The official said "Scotland's national identity is not easy to recognize," writes that president of Madeira Barmen has taken over the next Sunday, as the vice-president of the Portmeal Barmen Association. "As long as a person is good at what he does and has quality, at least regional, national or international, there is always recognition", said Pedro Calado.

Vice-President confirms that the Provincial Government is committed to making situations independent, so despite support for the structure of the Madeira Society t Barmen to be named.

Pedro Calado said that year 2019 should be a hugely important year at hotel level, "speeches of more hotel units," will mean more jobs and more responsibility for those professionals. Their commitment to tourism is also high quality because of the work of these professionals.

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