Pellegrini: A public administration budget for 2019 will be balanced


Slovakia needs to be ambitious, saying a prime minister.

November 2018 at 14:05 PM

Bratislava. A public administration budget for 2019 will be balanced.

This will be achieved by submitting a change proposal at its full session of the National Council at its next meeting.

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This was named on Tuesday with President Peter Pellegrini (Smer) after the meeting.

Slovakia could be more advanced

"Based on the latest surveys and forecasts of the economic economy of the Slovak Republic, which is even more hopeful for the third season expected and considering all situations, we agree a meeting of the Government and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Petrom Kažimir (Smer-SD), that Slovakia could be more ambitious in creating a state budget in the future, "said the Prime Minister.

"We agree that, at 13.00 am, at the Finance Committee meeting in the National Republic of the Republic of Slovakia, the Deputy First Minister and the Finance Minister will submit a recommendation so to ensure that the government delivered a fair budget for its first time in the state's budget history, the deficit for 2019 will be zero, total zero, and for the first time in Slovakia, the first time in history will not be higher than its income, "he said.

The aim is changing

The government, according to Pellegrini, will change the target set at a deficit of 0.1% of GDP.

"We are going to negotiate the NR SR for a full meeting with a fair budget, which is a good time for Slovakia, this is what we expect in a statement to & # 39; a government program, which allows us to improve the economy, "said the prime minister.

He said that the changes to be made in the state budget would not cost one of the priorities of specific services.

"All policies, all funding for 2019 will be financed, and still we will be able to manage the first generation for the first time," said Pellegrini.

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