Pellegrini believes that Lajcak does not leave the government


The Government will not enter the UN Migration Agreement to create a conflict with the SR National Council. Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD), head of chapters, said.

He believes that the sovereign leader Miroslav Lajčák (named Smeru-SD) will not leave the government.

"The government is confident in its national advice, and so it is likely that the government will appear in the same position as the majority of NR SR , "said Pellegrini, if this is not true for the Minister of Lajcak, he will betray him. Every question is wonderful, such a situation has not happened, "he said. The woman was forced to refuse his case on Slobhaia who resigned his position on Tuesday (20th November).

Pellegrini, however, hopes that Lajčák will remain in the government. "I will talk to the Minister with this. It would be very bad if, so, had lost such a minister, because he is a man in the right place and I do not enjoy it to leave the Prime Minister of the government. Indeed, if he chooses, we have to respond in some way. We have time, we can see how Parliament decides, "he said.

The prime minister noted that the Parliament's position could be an advisor, as the decision is taken by the government. "On the other hand, however, I must say that the government will not accept this case to believe the NR SR," said Pellegrini, saying that a & # 39; a case similar to the whole political field, and does not see the challenge and the partnership "It seems that the whole political spirit is united in one view and I am not Prime Minister to take into account the views of the public and what countries which is in the Slovak Republic for us to do, and that they also express their doubts, it looks like from the concepts we receive, "he said.

The prime minister wants a broad political agreement

Pellegrini advised that he would seek the broadest political unity of his & her; this case. It is expected that Parliament will; refusing their consensus, and the government will proceed so. He thinks that the document is `#; arrived at an unsuitable time after negative experience with migration waves in Europe over the past two years. It is certain that the current environment would not have been aware that they had been accepted.

The Slovakian government should take a disagreement with the UN Universe Migration Agreement. This is the result of a resolution from the CIS Members' Census, agreed by the National Committee of Nations at the Wednesday Sovereign National Council. MEPs will continue to & # 39; deal with the forthcoming meeting. The intention does not say that Slovakia should not be present at a Marrakech conference and has a praising character. Lajčk Minister recommended to the Members that Slovakia participated in a conference in Marrakesh and gave an explanatory statement to her; explains how World Earth Potential on Migration.

The 193 UN member states agreed to agree to the Immigration Agreement in September 2016. The work began on the text in April 2017. The aim of the & # 39; 34-page paper helps to organize better migration streams and & # 39; strengthening immigration rights. It emphasizes the incapacity of the sovereignty of individual countries and their right to the form of a migration policy.

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