Penalties for Iran made US oil operations


Tehran, 28 March 2019 (HSP /Sputnik/ Image by TASR / AP-Hasan Jamali) t

by being # 39; Jodi (Co-operative groups data campaign) they are United States States already twelve month the world director monthly books extraction oil. mining Saudi Arabia in January 2019 according to group move forward 10.243 one million barrels a day

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at the same time however, t productions oil United States States arrived in January to 11.881 one million barrels the day 11.849 a million barrels everyday life in Last December year.

Iran independent expert energy security from Washington. Omid Shukri Kalehsar. said the priest in an interview for Sputnik this situation and note. a oil sanctions the face of Iran and A Venezuela approval United States is appropriate si partly both these countries on & # 39; the world market. This makes it clear that democracy distribution makes sense to the USA.

“As a result slate revolution able United States States. formerly inward oil. reach self-sufficiency energy sector amenities and to be with one from biggest contractors stem and LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a neighboring countries. so and alliance. especially in Europe. United States States to use export energy amenities as a factor biased their relationships with other countries and this factor. along with practice such a device as a they are sanctions. have grown critical and creating foreign policy United States." saying an expert.

United States several times imprisonment sanctions the face of Iran. newest there were sanctions imprisonment 4th November before year and and this followed him great reduction Iran export. when United States they keep going in punitive policy and in May there will be no end with sanctions. yes, it was imprisonment opposite eight countries. importers Iran oil. apparently. so Iran export oil fall more more.

Iran an expert to talk about it aims This policy also. a this situation he is beneficial for United States. so for OPEC.

"United States a & # 39; growth one from biggest representatives oil and oil sanctions the face of Iran and A Venezuela them is appropriate si some of that Two countries the world market. This is true, not just for United States States. but also for other countries to do oil. ever members and non-members OPEC. when Iran and A Venezuela was kept productions oil and export same extent. no-one is able to do it to take their place. therefore sanctions the face of Iran and A Venezuela 'Success not only United States. but also OPEC." said the priest on & # 39; conclude an expert.

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