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Each of the two main cities can pay the second column during retirement. However, if those pensioners are subject to supplementary benefits (EL) to the AHV, they should be worse in the future than those who receive the second largest part as a pension. The National Council decided to reduce 10 per cent life-long benefits in the EL reform, if the capital city is in a position; get "full or part". Although the United States Council declines the sanctions, the National Council's bourgeois social politicians continue in the parliamentary finals on the # 39; punishable case.

Now, the towns and towns are still trying to stop it. National Council from penal work. Because the towns are scared that they have to influence the impact of EL.

The Force Social Insurance Office estimates the EL cuts at around 63 million francs annually. A substantial proportion of this amount would have to support the towns on social assistance again, to warn the Swiss Society and its Society; Baile in co-letter to the National Council Social Commission.

Social support in nursing home

El reduction in EL would be particularly detrimental to pensioners who need care. On average, the cost of EL pensioners in the nursing home is 3300 francs per month. If this amount is reduced by 10 per cent, this loss must be covered with social help.

In fact, the bourgeois national councils are to punish those who are deployed. get money from the pension property. The problem, however, is that many are affected by the sanctions that can not be accused of being treated with care on their second part. "The product is even given, if only part of the capital is and when used to a budget with its credit," a & # 39; criticize her home and her & # 39; home association.

Co-ordination of disability groups, Handicap Access, says for example a hairdresser who uses his 40-year-old pensioner capital capital to set up a hairdressing salon. At 55, she is ill with many sclerosis and she gets a IV pension. In addition, it needs 1800 Francs every month to pay its living costs. Despite successful independence, woman punished as a pensioner IV and AHV for the lump sum to start business. In doing this, he refused to & # 39; The National Council and the United States Council suspended the sums proposed by the Force Council to continue to & # 39; using money from the second piece to start.

Lack of understanding in the United States Council

Almost the implants that affect cash robots are real. Since the two councils have already agreed about new rules, depending on what EL is, is estimated as if the illegal assets were still available if too much resources were needed. Anyone who lives abroad by going to # 39; retiring for a number of years after retiring him with his 300,000 francs from the second part that he will not get EL more when he returns to Switzerland.

In the United States Council, 10% of the National Council's mandate has long met misunderstanding. Konrad Graber (CVP, LU), a spokesperson for a state social commission, agrees that the small room is still hard on his / her; this case.

It is possible that the SVP, FDP and CVP face the national council's sanctions and their application when the two councils are able to; make a decisive decision for March to resolve the differences. Many of the National Council's bourgeois socialist politicians emphasize that they want to apply a new 100,000 francs certificate in the & # 39; final bill, so as not to have pensionable pensions from EL pensions. Even this threshold was previously rejected by the United States Council, since the freedom is at the same time for informal homeowners.

Good for "Ratspsyche"

Graber recommends that the small room could be inserted at the doorstep, if this was necessary for a "ratspsyche" of the big room. However, her colleague Ruth Humbel from the National Council has been protesting against the United States' he has defended a number of defenses against an inappropriate EL application. Humbel defends its & # 39; 10 per cent license, as everyone needs to be aware of the living life effects. However, Humbel would have considered preventing compulsory work benefits to be better valued than a better solution.

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