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The Rev. John Pentland of the Hillhurst United Church.

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"It's best to get what it gets" is an expert phrase we'll hear about Christmas time. Often his feelings are a bit guilty, used as a way to prevent children from the natural state they want. Sometimes it will be used to help us find out what the gift exchange is about. The truth is that this expression is deeper than because, when we give it, we will feel better about ourselves. There is a bilingual benefit. It's winning!

There is a freedom to disable what we want to take and to; consider what we are giving. It helps us to find out more meaning and purpose. It will contribute to our own sense. Christmas will help to & # 39; focus on who we are and how we can contribute to life. Christmas birth speaks of a symbolic contribution. Although there was more practical gifts for women and women, coffee and other gifts for Mary and Joseph, they spoke golden gifts, a chance and a mood about leadership, divinity and death.

Gifts give things. We are better and our community is better when we do. The good thing about this is that there are many amazing organizations that can help you. Each group has a face and story of how people are transformed by the truth of others.

Can you think of how to help teenagers find out about their sport; riding? Two View Wheel's intention is to use a bicycle as a tool for sustainability. Yes, cycling is common for many, but it's a good knowledge of another. I have won and supported this group myself on a trip to Argentina. My trip helped to fund trips for very young children; see another world. Young people will have the opportunity to learn, their skills development and their. see the wonders of Quebec. Co-win!

You could think of supporting Alzheimer's Society. For me, I help my friends' mother, Faye, have this contaminating disease. You may be able to help carers who need support to care for a person who has changed his life. The gift of education or the relief of the gift is good for someone. Co-win!

No, you can support someone in crisis by funding the Suicide Prevention Center. This group will be & # 39; help them to educate and encourage people to know that mental illness does not lie, but that it is a truth in the lives of many people. Helping people to live and their; to succeed. Co-win!

The Herald Calgary Christmas property allows us to get the word "it's best to give than it gets." Consider the opportunities that it provides and that it is. feel good about it. It's really better to give than he gets. To win indeed!

John Pentland is the prime minister of the Hillhurst United Church

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