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Xinhua Newspaper Group, Beijing, 11th December: People who are aiming to build a dream together – a & # 39; see China's power since 40 years reform and its opening up

Xinhua Group Reporter, He Yuxin, Liu Yangqi, Anna

For 40 years, this is a clear settlement –

After a long journey, the heart and heart are always near; a & # 39; crossing the problem and the other, the passion of his heart has been on her face; run through; a great change has been made, and its first heart has not changed.

"We should not forget to forget their first-time reform and opening up, and diligently accounted for the successful 40th anniversary experience of # 39; reform and openness, and quality improvement and reform and opening up. We need to keep people as the center and be aware of the joy of people like the level to explore the effectiveness of reforms, so that the reform and the opening will be better. It benefits the vast majority of people. "In October 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping during his study in Guangdong.

Everything is for the people, and everything depends on the people.

Everything has gone away and everything is amazing.

This is the corner in the Shekou District, Qianhai, Shenzhen Free Trade Zone (a photograph taken on April 19, 2016). Liang Xu, Xinhua News Reporter

The people's position is the "winning password" for revision and opening up

Arriving at the 40-year memorial device, the witnesses spoke in a different way.

With luggage, sitting on the bus, Zheng Yanping and hundreds of young girls came to Shenzhen Shekou from Shaoguan and Shantou to become the first generation of Chinese migrant workers. It was in 1982.

Since then opened a new page life. Some people have grown up with the company, some have gone to the sea to make business, and some have returned to China to start their own businesses, step by step to amazing life .

In fertile land, there is a youth atmosphere.

Today, at Qianhai Shekou's Free Trade District, the new era for reform and opening is here, and there are 304 exciting enterprise teams living in the Shenzhen DreamWorks Entrepreneurship Eco-sphere. The young people will close the dream in an international business environment.

For 40 years, the sea is singing. On China's landing machine, not only does the high buildings rise from the ground, the weather is changing, and the results of "Made in China" have been popular … There is a huge change After that, it has changed dramatically in this country.

Everyone wants the people, he decided to start the big bigger outlet and open up, and also to see it. Determine what basic findings it got.

A data group directly describes how Chinese life was; jumping: from 1978 to 2017, per capita income per capita of urban settlements increased from 343 yuan to more than 36,000 yuan, and the total income of all rural residents increased from 134 per cent to 13,400 yuan; Basic medical insurance, Social insurance insurance has grown from the beginning, and covers 1.35 billion people and over 900 million people …

The scenes are visual proofs that China's new vision: from the ticket to buy for the purchase of goods, to the "buy" mobile phone of the world; from the train train on the long road to make the high ride A quick travel; it is not unavoidable to be & # 39; going abroad, and abroad has been the norm in the lives of many people …

Nanjing citizens were paying for their materials on the shelves without the launch of Suning staff (scheduled for January 10, 2018). Picture Li Yuze, reporter of the Xinhua news agency

A historical process must be viewed not only to look at its & # 39; process itself, but also look at the background.

In the last 40 years, the world has changed in an unprecedented way. In the last 40 years, the challenges and challenges are translated. China's revision and opening appear to have been "tutoring" and "#; continue to influence influence.

Like many villages in China, after its major reforms and its opening for decades, it is already an international hub in Beijing, and it is – not a transformational test.

It is the home idea to be & # 39; reduce development.

Reduce urban and rural building land; building construction will reduce ecological space; decreased administrative permission …

Behind "removal mode" means "add".

Increased ecological land; an increase in affordable housing; Increase in service-based initiatives …

The reduction is for the people, and the increase for the people. Between the increase and the reduction, not just the development, but to go to; Strive for high quality development and allow people to increase their sense of building.

Focusing on the people, this is the key that is; in the continuous Chinese reform and its opening.

The Chinese Communist's aim "to seek people's enjoyment" is consistent, and through self-extinguishment and self-traction, to develop a positive "character of basic interests the vast majority of the people ", so that China's reform and opening are always at the heart of the people.

People need a more beautiful environment, people want more fairness and justice, and the people are more willing to achieve themselves … From the 18th National Party and National Party, in An important form of development, the latest performances in renovation and opening are increasingly popular. The great approach to reform and opening also has reached a new height.

On September 28, 2018, the large (only) railroad (An) from Pingxi to the south side of Taiyuan was opened for operation. This is the first passenger train on the south side of Taixi's early train from Pingxi to Taiyuan. Cao Yang, reporter Xihua News Group

The people powerlessly reform unfinished and they will open

The strong man broke his back, and Yucun people from Anji County, Zhejiang Province made a decision.

At the end of the century, the "stone economy" began, and Yucun's people began to start on a large scale mining. The income was as well as 3 million yuan, formerly the richest person in the county.

However, the locals enjoyed the sweetness that came from mining and swallowed the bitter produce of environmental contamination: the town was full of smoke throughout the year; the cucumber's shoes were in her; bamboo wood covered with dust for longer and less; Always afraid.

With the increase in environmental pollution, Yucun's people put their mind to an end.

Between 2003 and 2005, Yucun closed all minerals and spindle bases, and the general income was reduced to over 200,000 yuan, but has been the starting point for green development.

In Yucun today, Maozhulin lines in the mountains, and green greens and three-leaf bamboo that are planted under the cranes are increasing their income to the people; town. The beautiful natural environment makes rural tourism more and more rich. In 2016, Yucun's general income returned to more than 3 million yuan.

40 years of water or light, all scraps and hers; deepen understanding and practice in the development and opening, the development of new things in the rehabilitation and the opening, creation and collection of knowledge in each area and rehabilitation and opening connections, come from hundreds of millions of people Use.

It is the most powerful source of power for the 40-year reform and its opening to promote the enterprise and creativity of the Chinese people as a whole, so that they can. moving to China's vast land as a river.

In November 2018, indicating Shanghai's Shanghai reconstruction plan, according to a public opinion, the establishment resettlement plans of 31 areas across the country were opened, and some of the centers that were And also show local features.

As one of the main archays for the reduction of poverty in the country, Sichuan changed the name of the former Departmental Poverty Delivery and Divisional Immigration Bureau for the Local Poverty Development and Development Bureau; Hainan Broadcasting and Sport Disposal for Tourism and Culture established to build an international tourism tourism center …

For the people, it also comes from the people. From mid to local, new updates of recovery initiatives responded to people's concerns.

Several Chinese tourists visited the Super Ice Palace in the Jungfrau Department of Interlaken in the Turkish language in central Switzerland (a photograph taken on 7 December 2017). Picture Xu Jinquan, news reporter Xinhua News

After 40 years of reform, the major changes have been made by government agencies. The aim is to change social changes and carry out active transformation to provide a better service for the people.

Every time focuses on public attitudes in every time, and people's everyday life problems are.

From the 18th Chinese Communist Party National Congress, "sickness" increased pressure and deeper grievances; more attention was given to changing small things that belong to personal people … Tartan in reforms such as family registration and medical care systems; the development of pre-school education and out-of-site guidance No identity cards need to go back and forth … And the reforms are closer to the people, more Stronger on people's awareness to benefit.

Meet new people's expectations and achieve the changes to the extent

40 years have passed, what is the rich meaning of the word "reform and opening up"?

Many Chinese people talk about, and they will have a sense of reform, pride and confidence, enjoyment and benefit. Because there are too many changes in headaches, it also exploits the future struggle.

"At that time, at the beginning of the reform and opening up, the tide of the waves was rising, but it was full of problems and obstacles. I spoke to The iron seal bog was the state-owned enterprise and I went into the enterprising army. I was in the heart but at that time the family opened. Especially, it's our spirit of fighting and fighting for a better life in the future … "

In April 2018, Nanjing Yan Mingxiang citizen received a unexpected letter, written by Zhang Jindong, chair of the Suning Group.

Eightly eight years ago, Zhang Jindong, who had started a business, spent almost a lot of money, a rented house in Ninghai Road, Nanjing, and started making the seller's electricity business. At that time, Yan Mingxiang tried to do the man and made a mistake with his father.

The silk that is used in the cheongsam is frightened on her; wind, and the house does not shut up; opening the windows. Yan Mingxiang wants to buy airplanes.

At that time, the airplane was still luxurious, and most of the campaigns could cost it. When Yan Mingxiang came out, Zhang Jindong gave a sense, rapidly developing the Chinese economy, that more and more people would buy aircrafts.

The occupier of the bank owned company of the river in Yucun, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County (a photograph taken on 4 August, 2017). Since 2010, Anji County, Zhejiang Province has begun to embed research into home-owned companies, and professional management of home cleaning, river cleansing, green maintenance, and the maintenance of cultural and sporting facilities . Weng Wei, reporter from Xinhua News Agency

At the same time as the pace of reforms such as marketing and urbanization, adventures began to enter the homes of ordinary people, and gradually expanding its business and expanding it across the country. Today, Suning is starting to develop online and offline online to raise its services regularly to users.

In the full 40 years, under the promotion policy, support and management of the development of private enterprises, the private initiatives that Suning represents, are very small, strongly from weak, meeting the good lives of entrepreneurship, technological innovation and service development. The useful side plays an essential part.

Proceed in the rationalization of historical progress and its. development in the pace of development of times. The reform and opening made by China according to the requirements of Chinese people have been to improve, innovate, and maintain a better life.

If there is a major reform in a refurbishment and an opening that will meet the development needs of the population on a regular basis, with the changes in the main social and social impacts, the renewable product has changed from the "social representation" 39; at the current "unfair and unfair development". He also wants China reform and opens up to continue.

Together with the thousands of poverty reduction allowances, Wu Junjun, a group of Fengjie County in Chongqing, gave the financial concept to the hilly town.

Yang Jianlin, a poor home in Dongxiang Village, uses a precise economic principle to spell from the corn. The pudding is used to feed pigs, and the pig's pipeline is used to produce a biomass. Generation is similar to natural gas and is a clean energy source that many farmers use.

Yang Jianlin allowed such a view, to come from two words – a & # 39; cost.

Users will visit and go to; a shop in the Haiti Portaits Bay Shop in Sanya, Hainan (a photograph taken on 18 February, 2018). At this time, Hainan focuses on tax-free shops, medical healthcare tourism, quaint tourism, etc., and his / her; building an international tourism spending center with high standards and high standards. Guo Cheng, reporter of the Xinhua news agency

Financial poverty reduction allows residents of the area that credit can also be used for loans. Loans need interest costs, and savings can cost or extend loans. By disseminating a financial concept, we will translate local people to modern farmers in front of them; market.

In the 40 years of renovation and opening, over 700 million people were raised out of poverty. From the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, with the implementation of the basic strategy of simple poverty and poverty reduction, the reforms in areas of land, general economy and intense investment were introduced. China has never had the downturn ever before. However, the face of a deep problem of poverty requires a series of adaptations and conceptual reforms.

In order to solve the unfavorable development problems and to meet the growth needs of people for better life, decide that the reforms will only be completed when they are not ready.

The road I have traveled is the most valuable wealth and experience in the future trip –

This is the only way Chinese people choose from the depths of history. The only way is; for Chinese people to continue to good balance and good future regeneration.

Re-reform in the end!

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