People are uncomfortable, worried about waiting for a "hundred billion" milk auction day


Speaking to reporters on the afternoon of February 20, Phu Chinh's homeowner (Hoa Chinh's company, Chuong My commune, Hanoi) says the town and area are calling for committees and towns to & # 39; Sale of wood from two red members aged 130 to 50 years old.

According to Mr Vu Van Tuyen, Head of the Phu Chinh town, during the last Tet period, the work that looks after the wood is very hard, but is not a problem because the storage range is arranged by survey cameras, some people who are protected, or who are walking, near the road are so easy to watch.

People are uncomfortable, worried about waiting for a milk auction

The vessel was pulled, locked four locks and washed two iron boats on both sides. Exterior of the house is surrounded on either side with a 2m hard drive B40 fence. Photograph: Nhat Tan

According to Mr Tuyen, the people are also looking forward to having a " selling the previously mentioned timber but its home has no special plan because there are many jobs and home meetings. "In the town, the area also wants but many jobs are at home, so it can not be used." Mr. Tuyen.

Mr. Yes, if the meeting is capable, the process will be quick because it only needs to follow the rules. In particular, the town will be related to its location; company to ask for the sale of timber. The government only stands out to ensure openness and transparency.

People are uncomfortable, worried about waiting for a milk auction

4 locks with 4 keys will be taken to 4 famous people in the town, if they want to open the door, they must have their unity. Two iron boats are thrown over a barrel door and so when a thief wants to steal, he must use saba, so he will make a big noise and will be detected immediately.

Regarding the valuation, Mr. Tuyen, it is likely that the town needs to coordinate with a unit to determine its price because they know what the price of the wood is on; market. Duplication is legal law, just do the right thing.

"There are comments in a home that fears to apply, the town and the area manage money but not. The money will be spent on building properties in the town. Indeed, public attitudes are very much for an application to sell timber because it's hard to worry about anything at home ", Mr Tuyen. At the same time, Mr. Tuyen keeps home meetings, raising the debate on auction.

People are uncomfortable, frightening to wait for a milk rup

There are 2 spacious square cameras framed above, located outside the second floor of the town's home to ensure that the broadcast is on the " champus and easily avoid a thigh; destroyed.

According to reporters, as this is a precious wood, the village of Phu Chinh has watched many people, not only during the day but also at night.

"At this time, the town needs to raise more people and domestic police officers to cut the wood. This is the job that he has to do until he sold all that wood, so the town has met and agreed to pay for those who spent the time and effort to look at it.

People are uncomfortable, worried about waiting for a milk auction

The piece of silk tree frame is cut off.

Every piece of wood was placed in a vessel with a measure of 40 tonnes of cargo. This new vessel was purchased for a 40 million VND and was placed at the home of its home. Wood is so expensive that nobody can enter. In the day it is light, but the night must be lit up.

Salaries are likely to be measured daily, about 50-100 VND per night. This will take the town out of the sale of timber for payment ", home director.

People are uncomfortable, worried about waiting for a milk auction

Many people looked at her & her; process to cut down a & # 39; simple tree.

Previously, at the end of January 2019, Phu Chinh's town asked staff to Cutting 2 wooden trees at the general house under the authorities' evidence.

Both trees are over 100 years old, so experts, red trees and less fragile, are empty.

Two red trees in the town of Phu Chinh were paid 100 billion VND / trees in 2015 with the merchants.

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