People have the desire to make a change in the paragraph, Nicolson says. There is no meaning in campaigns


BRATISLAVA, November 18 ( – The issue was glorious, but it was the mistake that we were too big to say about the Communist divisions.

"It should be reinforced and a strong penalty. But we now know when we see how they were waiting to return or retrieve their roles and who still have a ; live in them and behave communally " He said in this session about 5 minutes 12 of the vice president of RTVS of the NR SR and member of the SaS Lucia Durise Nicholson.

Nicolson is denied to & # 39; political cost of campaigns

Miroslav Ciz, former head of Smer-SD, said he could not control the 400,000 Soviet rule out of his life; public. According to Nicholson, this year's anniversary is sad, since recent events have shown the country in which you live – what kind of people do you have? He is 29 years old who did not;

Czy and Nicholson also spoke on Friday's complaints organized by the Vice President of Slobhaia as well as the roles of political parties and independent candidates. In terms of Friday's campaigns, Nicholson refuses to carry any political cost. She explained that, although members of Parliament's Parliament come to the square, they will go to the square. become a citizen.

Asking if the interviews are organized, Cise started to Thinking that the campaigns in Slovakia, which were held since March and the Czech Republic's campaigns, started several days ago, "Is it like a copywriter". Accordingly, those meetings support the Prague and Bratislava cafes, share the same values ​​and ways. In connection with the Schoole collections, he asked what people wanted.

"What did they want?" Decent Slovakia? Democracy? They are certified for a better social status of the population, peace, but they want what, "," he asked. If they want another government, they think it's legitimate, but they have to wait for elections, go to the polls, and they will get enough confidence to create a government.

Early elections should be held

MacNeacail told him that people had the desire to change the square. "You're doing something, the answer is out on the streets. You can not believe that those people are not convicted, without real agreement," former chairman of the National Council of the Czech Republic, Čížov, said the party did not have a " watch only the enemy, some foreigners, how the Comans would do.

He believes that after the death of journalist Jana Kuciak and her lover, Martina Kušníř, the early elections would have to be made to make a truly realistic measure.

"From what you said, you are afraid that no government will come to the election after the election. Do not worry, leave people," Nicholson added to Margo Chia, who said the company was divided.

"They did not even talk about the early elections, since everyone, even a little bit of literacy, will get out if the elections were too fast, we & Demolition of the state " said Ciz.

People are looking for another option

The result of the town elections showed that their votes were given to independent candidates. Nicholson now has a common status now difficult, but he believes they have to do everything to regenerate people's confidence in the party.

"People look for another option to find them in independent candidates. They look for another option that they can not name for themselves, because unhappy I do not know " She said she was wrong to independent candidates.

This motion is not only in the Czech Republic. He believes that everything has been done here to convince the political scene, but he did not answer the question of his moderator; nevertheless. In the Parliament, for example, they are see the level and culture of debate.

"The wording is out of heat, the atmosphere that can not be debated. About 20 members of the opponents are one member of a consortium, so we are not sure we want," said Ciz. He also stated that there is no state debate on state administration in a parliament.

Nicolson was surprised that Ciz was just talking about a politics culture. "Robert Fico, Robert Kaliňák, has been in power for ten years. They just care for the downturn in the confidence of citizens in the state," she said. She said they wanted them to go away, not the leaders of the challenging parties.

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