People living in Ho Chi Minh City do not have to make a logo for a fee of up to 20 million


On November 14, the Ho Chi Minh Town Detective Committee 44 passed the classification of hard waste at the home source.

This decision will come true 24-11.

After having to remember three times a week it will be punished unless it is divided

The regulation says: The families and owners of rubbish resources will classify daily hard rubbish before they are transferred to collectors and transporters.

In cases where homes and / or owners do not dispose of waste to comply with a & # 39; classification or transfer of waste according to regulations, after reminiscences (3 hours or more per week), groups and individuals The collectors are responsible for informing the committee of guardians, society and town the people for treatment according to regulations.

At this time, under Clause 4, Article 20 of the Amateur Act. 155/2016 / ND-CP, actions that fail to be & # 39; classify or store hard-to-day resources according to rules; A fine between 15 and 20 million dong is not at risk or not to move from daily hard rubbish for units with the work that will; collect, carry and handle according to rules.

How do you order a truck?

Rubbish must be classified into three groups: Flexible organic rubbish (leaves, leaves, vegetables, tubers, fruit, clusters); Rubbish is re-used, recycled (paper, plastic, metal, rubber, plastic, glass); waste is left (except for hazardous waste created from homes and waste generators).

Saigon does not spread rubbish to cut fines up to 20 million VND - Picture 1.
Saigon does not spread rubbish to cut fines up to 20 million VND - Picture 2.

Guide to waste classification at the source

TP encourages families Organic rubbish in a blue, white bagSouth Westerly Other colors are in another bag of rubbish (but white, blue)South Westerly Can he write a lipstick, write on the luggage bags to be different.

For renewable and recyclable waste groups (also known as terms): Homes and sellers can sell them to collect groups or individuals or organizations and / Individuals to collect daily life resources . In cases where the meeting is not sold or sold by; group or individual desire, the generator or cottage will be left with the remaining cans.

TP's collection of the day

TP will arrange a separate collection of waste in accordance with the following tables: Organic waste collection on Monday, 4, 6 and Sunday; The remaining waste is on Tuesday, Thursday and Thursday.

Households, waste generators and individuals who deliver their own bags to clean up waste; Specified rubbish movement agreements after classification; Pay for the services to collect, & # 39; behaviors, dealing with rubbish and their waste; Pay for additional service costs, if so.

According to the Rules of the People's Committee, people have the right to monitor and report to the local authorities when they are; find that a solid waste collection and transport units do not comply with the timetable and frequency prescribed. South Westerly

The groups and individuals who waste refuse to refuse waste from homes or waste generators when classed or moved against regulations.

Period 2018-2020: Housing, donors support staggers on creel, tank body, number of 4 stickers / hour / houses, waste source; frequency twice a year.

After 2020: Families, waste generators not supported by stickers.

Phan Anh

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