People need to buy high prices in Dak Lak


According to Krong Nang Power, there are more than 600 people in many local towns and towns that send electricity to a & # 39; living, based in Ea Toh, Dele Yang, Ea Tan and Ea Tam society.

As a result of high cost, housing needs to pay for electricity at prices much higher than government regulations.

Nguyen Thanh Sang – Krong Nang Electricity's Director said it's hard to get the money to go to. The development of a power system in a number of residential agencies due to the lack of capital of the power sector.

The electricity department does not only supply electricity to the electronic system that was deposited and sold electronically to residential clubs at border counters.


And the people's line added to the drag, they need to be & # 39; treatment and loss of suffering in the use process.

"In the Krong Nang area, many towns have no electricity, especially in the dry season, quality is not preserved. As people do not have an electric state store, people use such groups, the price is higher than the government price. The energy sector has reviewed and capital is proposed for investment, but now the capital city is a very powerful power of energy. to the Department of Home Affairs and the Dak Lak Trading Office to submit to the 2081 Prime Minister project, a housing grid for towns in the Central Highlands without electricity in 2015-2020, "said Sang.

Tuan Anh / VOV – Tay Nguyen

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