People who cause a hormone may be a? TRUE hormone cuts risk from heart attack


By getting hormone cure, the risk of heart disease and stroke can be raised among transgender people, according to new research.

The number of people who are translucent and who has been manipulated and hormone remedies to move over has grown dramatically in recent years – especially in the US.

Measurable advantages have many advantages, including the reduction of gender dysphoria for 80 per cent of people who are infected; get the changes, and improve their sexual life and quality of life.

But it does not include higher levels of sex hormone without its risk, and Including the construction of the risks from heart attack, strokes and blood conclusions by; two pages, find a new study at the University of Amsterdam.

Heart attacks, strokes and blood clots up to twice as common among transgender people as they are among the general population, find a new research

Heart attacks, strokes and blood clots up to twice as common among transgender people as they are among the general population, find a new research

Heart attacks, strokes and blood clots up to twice as common among transgender people as they are among the general population, find a new research

There are social illnesses, stigma and abnormalities that overlap those that are; Most of the people are under the control of young people and women.

Family conviction, bullying and emotions that their bodies do not match what they are doing; people suffer transgender inappropriate.

And for this reason, children of transgender and adolescents at risk are significantly more likely to try to kill themselves than those who are responsible for; species they were given when they were born.

Around half of all all-sexed teenagers were given to women at birth but recognizing that men were trying to kill themselves, as around 30 per cent of teenagers have male specification but ; celebrate as a woman.

About 40 per cent of teenagers who are not firmly marked by both of them have tried to kill themselves, recently found a Arizona University study.

It has been shown that transitions, on the other hand, bring all kinds of mental health and social benefits to people who are in a position. go over it.

The transition of hormonal and surgical companies can be – usually in that order – to help men and women over the bodies to change their bodies to show their identity.

There will be a remedies for removing shoes and generating male generators for over-tragic people, or doing something; Breastfeeding and feminine genitalia for extraordinary extraordinary women, but hormone cures encourage more global changes within the body.

From the investigation of women after hormone medication, we know that there is a risk of adding additional hormones with some problems, but hormone developments remain a medical development that is not enough There is little research on their long-term effects.

In order to measure the extent to which testosterone and estrogen changes to men and women on the other side, heart risks, the study followed, conducted by the Amsterdam University Medical Center, 2,517 women over and 1,358 trans-trade from over the past ten years.

Women who had been diagnosed with estrogen therapy were more than two times as women over nine years, with just twice as many strokes as humans.

Conventions were also five times more common among women over the women's cis, and were almost more common than they were among.

Women also had a lot of heart attacks than women, with levels of age; travel among those who had moved.

Certainly, there is a social pressure that disturb people who are in a position; increasing the cardiovascular system.

In addition, these hardships are often associated with other behavior that is bad for heart health.

And, according to our results, we urging doctors and transgender people to be aware of this cardiovascular increase risk, & # 39; The author said Professor Nienke Note, a deputy scientist at the Amsterdam University Medical Center.

And it might be helpful to reduce the risk factors by making it possible; stop smoking, eating, eating healthy eating and eating. lose weight, if needed before it starts to cure, and clinicians should continue to regularly patient patients.

The new study did not try to find out why there are different risks at trans and people, but, based on research in advance, the team had some idea of ​​what might be to play.

Testosterone is known to have a thick influence on the blood – which was taken to make movement between women and men easier.

As much as viscose, the blood is much richer in red blood cells. It is also likely to be higher in poor cholesterol and is lower in good cholesterol – which makes a blood grip, and is harder for its & to pump his heart.

Transplant women who embrace the estrogen, which are known to & # 39; raising risks on blood clots and causing them to the blood vessels, Increased risk of removal of autumn and excavations.

The researchers are advised that men and women should be able to; keenly monitor the health of their heart, and changing their lifestyles; They can keep the dangers caused by hormone therapy.

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