People who oppose the heart are open to travelers


MONTREAL | About 20 models of narrow dentists can be vulnerable to disturbance by robbers.

This was announced by a Medtronic medical technology director following a survey published by the Home Department for Home Security.

The telemetry Conexus protocol, from the American company, is responsible for the security of this computer.

From a distance, passengers could alter the parameters of heart defects and put patients' life at risk.

You might want to think of a bad-tempered attacker who takes away the software from the device, stopping working away, so he didn't do his job. Alternatively, it could change the machine's behavior to make the heart faster, and it can lead to a disaster, "explained Pascal Girard, professor in the electrical engineering department of ecole des (eTS) technologies. .

No attack

The company is arguing, however, that attacks were not looked at or broken in private, and that this crime was not tolerated by anyone.

According to Mr Girard, Medtronic just wouldn't be able to protect their equipment properly, when we know the risks facing consumers.

"Is it expensive? The answer is, as far as I am concerned, is that it does not have to be done on an ad hoc and non-recurring basis. T It is clear that there is carelessness to cut that aspect of security, "he said.

According to Medtronic, the fast dealers who do not work with the telemetry Conexus protocol would not be affected by the computer scan.

Low risk

The Montreal Heart Institute monitors 4,500 patients at a distance using these systems. Here, we believe there are so many barriers that cannot really exist.

"There is so much," said Dr Peter Guerra, the Institute's Head of Medicine. If the device is not in a transmission mode, if the person is not nearby, unless we know exactly what model it is … "

Medtronic recommends that users continue to impact modules on their use of devices as these risks of misuse will outweigh the risks passengers might pose.

Last November, reports on the events of medical implant in the study of international journalism revealed that Medtronic would connect with 9,300 deaths and 292,000 injuries between 2008 and 2017 in the United States.

– According to Richard Olivier's knowledge

List of affected tools:

  • Amplia MRITM CRT-D – all the models
  • Claria MRITM CRT-D – all the models
  • Compia MRITM CRT-D – all the models
  • ConcertoTM CRT-D – all modules
  • ConcertoTM II CRT-D – all models
  • CRT-D ConsulateT – all modules
  • Evera MRITM ICD – all models
  • EveraTM ICD – all the modules
  • MaximoTM II CRT-D and ICD – all modules
  • Mirro MRITM ICD – all the models
  • ND ND ICD – all models
  • Primo MRITM ICD – all models
  • ProtectaTM CRT-D and ICD – all modules
  • SecuraTM ICD – all the modules
  • Program CareLinkTM 2090
  • Module Monitor CareLinkTM 2490C
  • MyCareLink Inspection Models 24950 and 24952
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