Flyer Stephen Prosser asks British Airways to sit next to freight travelers on airplane over two years ago, saying he left his wound.

The airport confirmed the position in a statement to the SAFETY on Saturday.

"We welcome all travelers on board our aircraft and our team is trained to ensure travelers have a comfortable journey," the statement is read . "We are delighted that our team has added pillows and plates to help Mr Prosser get a more sustainable journey."

The statement also stated that the "air" adversion of the application, "but not" He can comment on from "the case is a matter of concern."

CNN and the Independent reported that the 51-year-old South Wales report told Sheriff Court officials in Pontypridd on Friday that he was sitting next to the "huge" passengers in a 12-hour plane from Bangkok to London in January 2016 and left spasm back and pelvic injury.

"I sat with his knees on the front cover facing his chair and his body was passing a few inches," said Prosser. "I knew immediately that this would be the weight of its purest weight that puts on my body high."

Prosser said he had to stop working for three months and visit a cure for two years after the incident.

Prosser said he did not face the passengers because he was "self-aware", but the team said he said no other sets were available when he made a complaint .

The US DAIHAIGH has arrived at the Pontypridd County Court.

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