People with mental health problems need to wait longer for the help of the NHS than those with disorders


PIt is essential that people with mental health problems wait longer to help the NHS than those with disorders, experts have warned.

Research shows that a patient with restrictions such as schizophrenia and personality disorder has been denied someone; despite self-awareness.

The Mental Health Rehabilitation Charity has placed on health officers to introduce NHS waiting targets for mental health problems, and include a two-week wait for those who have a mental illness; suffering from psychosis.

The study found that such a patient was attending a normal two-month wait for treatment. At the same time, nineteen out of ten people who sought advice for moderate mental disorder were considered or disordered within six weeks.

Experts warned that those who suffered mental health problems were suffering to get a critical point before dying; they got any help.

Patients reported that they were "too ill" to get involved in oral remedies for medium and mid-sized problems – but "not being ill enough" for specific help.

He continues to find research that patients with complex psychosis have told them to go to; lie to staff and find out that their difficulties were not so bad to get any help.

Routink Mental Illness, Deputy Chief Executive Brian Dow, said: "What we want is a proper remedy, a right time but we are often getting cure , too late.

"Thousands of people get themselves in emergency situations every year, but they need to wait for long wait, bureaucracy, and lack of choice about their care. The result is that too many people can reach a critical point before they get help. "

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